Thrifty Thursdays – 5 Shopping Habits of the Frugal Gamer

I’d like to think Frugality is one of my finer qualities when it comes to gaming. One of the greatest things about good games is that they very rarely go out of style but they do go out of popularity.

The idea behind Thrifty Thursdays here at Buttonmashing is to introduce a delightfully inexpensive alternative for your weekend or weekday gaming habits.

Between all the sales, free to play crazes, and bargains on old titles I’m sure we won’t run out of things to talk about.

So, to kick it off I’d like to provide you with a few simple tips to get your parsimonious posterior in gear.

1. Use social media to find out about discounts on popular games.  Check out Amazon Video Games on Twitter as an example.

2. Check sales on a regular basis.  Sites like Steam and Gamersgate offer daily deals.  Amazon and Good old Games offer a new  deal every week, and Gamefly hosts a used game sale once a month.

3. Hold off on new games unless you’re buying them for multiplayer.  Prices drop within months so by waiting until the fever has died down you’ll score a good deal.

4. For console games buy used.  Always.  Going hand in hand with #3 buying a used game will always save you money.  Gamestop, Best Buy, and Gamefly all offer generous return policies on used merchandise that doesn’t work.

5. Watch  We’re going to be bringing you a frugal gaming choice every Thursday from here on out.  Subscribe to our feed to make sure you don’t miss a single one.


  1. Some great ideas here, Jason. I would also mention that Xbox Live Arcade (and PSN, although I’m not familiar with them as much as XBLA) have sales to keep an eye on, as well. They’re never reduced to the level of a Steam Sale, but good deals can be had there often.


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