Weekend Holiday Gaming

We’re coming up on what for most people in the U.S. will be an extended Holiday weekend, a time when many will be celebrating their winter holiday of choice (for us, it’s Christmas) and exchanging gifts, visiting with family and, for us gamers, increasing the stack of games to be played in the upcoming year.

I usually use the week between Christmas and New Years to catch up on all the games I’ve started or wanted to play during the year. It’s also at this time when I think back about what games were my favorite games to play, or as we call them around here, Fun Game of the Year. So I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me to at least sample everything I know came out this year that was high quality.

So as far as stacking games, I’ll be adding a whole new console to our family’s repetoire (we’ll get to that in a later post) and adding games to my Steam library during the dreaded Steam Sale. But I’ll also be heading out of town for a while, so that will limit what I can play to portable devices and my laptop (which is anything but) portable.

When I get back, I’d like to finally wrap up Mass Effect 3 (and all its DLC), the Mr. Torgue DLC for Borderlands 2, The Walking Dead and Deus Ex. And maybe, just maybe reactivate my EVE Online account. GULP.

But for now, I’m keeping it simple over the weekend. I hope to get a little PC gaming in during the Holiday downtime including more Diablo 3 and my huge Steam library. What will you be playing?

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