Weekend Gaming

These have been quiet around these parts (Thanks, Nick, for keeping the lights on) lately, but we’re still getting our gaming in when we can. It has been a bit of a struggle for the buttonmasher family to do much because our prime-time gaming time is on the weekends, and the past two month’s worth of weekends have been mostly spent on a remodeling project, completely redoing our master bathroom. BUT! The end is in sight, and this weekend has the potential to be the last weekend of remodeling. Fingers are crossed! (Of course soccer games and other extra-curricular activities keep us busy, but not that busy).

So while gaming will hopefully pick up in the coming weeks, this week will probably light again. But I will definitely find time to get back to New Eden and to EVE Online. I recently discovered I was “doing it wrong” with my current Cruiser Build (a Minmatar Stabber) (“A fun ship to fly, but not a terribly effective one” according to EVE University) so I am anxious to try my new build before I move on to my Minmatar Rupture (“Star of the cruisers“).

If there’s time, I’m still waist-deep in Bioshock Infinite and would really like to make more progress in that. Oh, and there will probably be quite a bit of Kingdom Rush on the iPhone.

What will you be playing this weekend?


  1. I’ll be wrapping up the Dawnguard expansion in “Skyrim”. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into “Dragonborn”.

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