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It’s the weekend!

Another weekend of gaming looms before us. What to play, what to play. Right now EVE Online is on the backburner for me. I still get on to adjust my training queue and check my market orders, but for the most part I have neglected EVE for the better part of two weeks now. But other games have filled the void…

I’ve picked up where I left off on a few games, specifically Diablo 3 and The Walking Dead. I’m somewhere in Episode 3 of The Walking Dead and things are unraveling FAST. This is not going to end well. I also started playing Torchlight 2 but I really haven’t had much time to devote to that.

The biggest addition to my gaming pile has been League of Legends. I dabbled with Dota 2 last month for a little while and I can totally see its allure but it never grabbed me. Then James said he and some of his friends had been playing LoL, so I fired it up and have been enjoying it. I’m still quite the noob, but I’m enjoying it. Anyone else here play League of Legends?

What are you playing this weekend?


  1. Hopefully some more LoL. – it’s different enough from Dota2 but, there is more of a sense of accomplishment from LoL than Dota2. Which I think adds to the desire to go back to it.

    I may hop into Diablo 3 here and there; one thing I’ll give Diablo 3 credit for, is being a game that I can jump in and out of without really being worried about progress, leaving anyone else out of luck. Since Tony is the only other person that I even have the chance to play with anymore Diablo 3 has been a single-player game for the majority of my time with it. I’d like to team up more and try some of the monster power changes and see what awesome loot might drop. Any Diablo 3 players still out there, let me know.

    Otherwise, I’m not sure what the weekend holds.

  2. Well, I fell into the “one more turn” trap last night with Civ5. It was a 2AM bedtime. I’m paying for it today. I’ll probably put in some more of that. The new expansion comes out 3 days before I go on a missions trip to Grenada. I’d better get it out of my system now.

    I also got Lumines on my Vita. I’ve only put in 30 minutes, but I actually have some other Vita friends who have it so I have a challenge to beat their scores. (It’s kinda creepy. It was the first thing that popped up when I started the game.) the social elements of the Vita are pretty cool—there’s just no one on it.

    There’s a Steam weekend sale for Alan Wake at 90% off! This is an amazing deal. The entire FRANCHISE for $4. I don’t own American Nightmare, so I’ll pick that up for $1.50. I might play that. Who knows.

    I also started a garden this year, so i’ll probably be “playing” that as well.

    As an aside, I’ve been playing Fire Emblem on the 3DS and the GBASP at the same time. I almost prefer the GBA version.

    • I was going to look into the VIta and determine if it was something I wanted to pick up – can you recommend it?

      I didn’t see many games that caught my eye – I have to admit that was shortly after its launch and things may have changed.

      • The Vita by itself is a waste of time. However, the Vita with PS+ is amazing. I’ve only ever bought two games for it. (Lumines from Amazon for $12! and a PSN Mobile game called Rymdkapsel for $4)

        Everything else was from PS+ or PSP games I previously had. As a bonus, some games will play on PS3 and the Vita. They are usually labeled cross-buy. Guacamele (a great game) is like this.

        I was able to go to a Gamestop and get an Assassin’s Creed bundle about 6 months ago. They are the best deals if you can find them. They basically incude a (slightly above average) Assassin’s Creed game and a memory card for free.

        I have both a Vita and PS3 so PS+ is a pretty good deal for me. It’s like 2-3 games a month shared between the two. It’s very rare that I even purchase a game anymore.

        Games like Spec Ops The Line, Dark Souls, The Cave, Vanguard, A Ratchet and Clank game, Wipeout (vita), Uncharted (Vita), inFamous 2, Little Big Planet 2, and so on.

        So, yes, I’d recommend it if you have a PS3 and PS+.

    • I loved Fire Emblem on the GBA. I’ve been strongly considering it for the 3DS but now I make just wait for Animal Crossing to be my next 3DS purchase. I’m looking forward to playing that one with my daughter.

      I will probably be starting my garden tomorrow, too. And that mission to Grenada sounds cool. When do you leave?

      • I think fire Emblem is the best game on the 3DS right now. I’ve passed on Animal Crossing since the last DS version because the game has not really changed all that much. I also have a hard enough time keeping real life appointments!

        …that and Tom Nook is a kneecap crusher.

        We leave July 12 for the trip.

        • Yeah, it hasn’t changed much, but this will be the first time my daughter will be exposed to it, so I think it will be worth it to rehash old gaming cliches.

          Plus, I haven’t heard KK Slider in far too long.

  3. I haven’t been gaming much this past week or so, mainly because, on a whim, I started reading The Hunt for Red October. The book is a legit read (funny at times, even) though you can tell that it’s Clancy’s first novel – the prose is a bit stiff. And what was considered leading, classified naval technology in 1984 is cute by today’s standards.

    In terms of gaming this weekend… I’m jumping head first into EVE online tonight.Two weeks ago I decided to shake up my gameplay by joining the Amarr militia and fight with other players to defend or reclaim contested systems from those stinking barbaric armpit Minmatar. I wasn’t crazy about it at first but the people in the corporation and alliance that I’m in are way cool and supportive. I’m working closely with a select few to experiment with fleet composition and such. I’ve learned soooooooooooo much and spent soooooooo much!

    Otherwise, I’ll be up to my eyeballs in intrigue plots and levy laws in Crusader Kings 2. Steam had a midweek madness sale for all CK2 DLC/Expansions to bait players into purchasing the newest expansion just released, ‘The Old Gods’ (price not reduced). So I spent exactly $4.71 on the ‘Sword of Islam’ and ‘Legacy of Rome’ expansions, as well as a couple of aesthetic DLCs. I’m such a Paradox fanboy.

    • Your hurtful words toward my people are… hurtful. I need to look into my options in Faction Warfare so I can rightfully defend what is ours!

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