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iOS games don’t get a lot of play here, but my #1 iOS game of all time, far and away, is Kingdom Rush. I love Tower Defense games to begin with, but throw in the setting (fantasy) with some of the best “barks” in a game (“Say hello to my little friend!” “Yippe kai-yay mother-“BEEEEP!) and you’ve got quite the charming little game. Add on top of that some seriously challenging levels, and it turns into one of the best portable games available.

Here’s to hoping Frontiers is just as good.


  1. I have it loaded but it still has the “New” badge on it. I also got Scurvy Scallywags which is a match 3 game from Ron Gilbert. Looking forward to both.

    • I’ve made it way through the first 6 or so missions and unlocked 3 of the new level-4 towers. So far, it’s great. I love the new environmental effects. And it’s still challenging and it’s got that KR charm. Oh, and the Sand People were a nice touch 😉

      I also picked up Scallywags. That is a blast as well.

  2. Ahh… man. Loved this game when I had my iDevice. Eager for the android port 😉 Thanks for the heads up

    • It’s really fun. I was worried they’d be cramming too many new features and units and items, but they are doing a great job of striking that balance of doling things out slowly.

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