In My Digital Hands

Animal Crossing New Leaf

It’s actually been in my digital hands since yesterday afternoon, when I got a copy for myself and my daughter. We played it a bunch last night (she more than me, by far) and so far, so good.

It’s Animal Crossing, alright. From Tom Nook’s indentured servitude to Ressetti yelling at me for not saving properly, it’s all there.


  1. Wow. I’m surprised at the number of multiple copies that people I know are purchasing. (I’m also surprised at the number of multiple 3DSs in families. We have 2 DS Lites and 1 3DS…er Fire Emblem device.)

    Is this so you can play at the same time? From what I understand, you can have multiple people in one town on the same cart.

    • Yes, definitely so we can both play. This way, the boys can have homes on my cart and my wife (who played the heck out of the first Animal Crossing on the GC) can play on our daughters. Then everyone has a place and 2 can play at a time, visiting each other and what not.

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