Download of Call of Juarez:Gunslinger – 1% Complete

At the risk of chasing you, dear reader, away at the onset, I dare begin this post by baring a part of feelings to you (let us now hold hands): My life these past few weeks has felt kinda of… wonky. Our family has fallen out of routine a bit. I’m a bit on-edge about the future. I’m fatter now. I get weird pains in my legs. (2% complete) The weather is getting uncomfortably warm for my liking. And my kids are screaming too damn much.

And, in coming closer to the topic of the post, my gaming life has felt a bit complacent. My two main games for the past months have been Crusader Kings 2 and EVE:Online. Both wonderful games; I’m a Paradox Interactive fanboy and EVE has utterly consumed my mind to where I lay in bed staring at the ceiling and mentally tinkering with the fit of my Imperial Navy Slicer frigate. The science and tactics of ship fitting clusters my thoughts, more for ill than good. Analaysis Paralysis is the name of the game at this juncture. It’s gotten to the point to where when I log in I find myself doing nothing more than the following (4% complete):

The situation isn’t any better for Crusader Kings 2. The RTS is engaging and fun! Plotting to assassinate 5 year-old heirs to the throne never – NEVER – gets old! Its infinite replayabilty has become more a distraction than an appeal at this point. I am unable to focus on the strategy of a current campaign because I’m off thinking about how the game’s new DLCs play. And so, recently, I log in and in the main menu screen I end up doing nothing more than this mouse-click melody (fun as it is!):


Simply put, I came to the conclusion that I’m thinking too much. I’m worn out from real life and, when game time comes, I’m too worn out to think constructively (8% complete). I need to get back in touch with my instincts, with my gut! I need a place where thinking won’t get you very far, but sprinting sure as shineola will. Because of this, the download for Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is currently 10% complete.

YES, friends! I need a good ‘ol fashioned arcade FPS in my life, to get my left hand back on AWSD and my right on the mouse. I chose Gunslinger for several reasons, but mostly I’m going with my gut. It was a decision against some of my personal gaming ethics, but, again, screw that for now – I’m acting on instinct. It may not be on sale but at $15 and 5GB, why not? Likewise, this decision is even more significant considering that Steam is offering all Paradox Interactive games 50% off this weekend. Picking up the Hearts of Iron III bundle (for the same price as Gunslinger) seems appealing. But Nay! I must honor my instinct (13% complete) for the wild west calls to me. I played the demo and read the reviews. The Gunslinger gameplay promises to be no frills, no gimmicks. I appreciate the historical application and look forward to romping around in its environs. I look forward to dueling with the great historical persons. The soundtrack is slammin and the gushing blood sound effects are endearing. The dialog and voice acting is authentic. Plus, I’m a sucker for westerns. All things considered to pass up Gunslinger would be illogical. Crap, there I go again – thinking… Here’s to the hope that Gunslinger will jar me loose of gaming complacency (18% complete).




  1. UGH I am the worst blogger ever. I have let my site lay fallow for too long. How is Gunslinger?

    I am in the same boat you are with EVE. I have a bit left on my current subscription, so I’m just going in to change skills and that’s about it. Maybe EVE is a cold weather game for me?

    I’ve been futzing around with State of Decay on the Xbox. It’s a cross between Dead Rising, GTA IV and Animal Crossing. I can’t get enough of it.

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