How To Survive [Zombies]

I come across a lot of gaming related stuff online — Twitter, Tumblr, blogs — but I have been a horrible blogger. I started this site to share cool stuff I found that I figured anyone who had similar (read GREAT) taste in gaming as I do would enjoy. So I’m trying to get back to basics, even if the posts are short and sweet (like this one. Because it’s late and I should be sleeping).

So “How To Survive” is YAZG, but that’s never stopped me from loving them before, so why would it start now? It looks like it has a little State of Decay vibe, a little Dead Rising, and maybe I’m reading a little too much into it, but a little Syndicate. Maybe that’s me projecting my desire for a sucessor to Syndicate.

Either way, it looks interesting and actually comes out next week. Check it out

(via Gamefreaks)

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