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Getting behind on your emails is perilous: you might miss something you bought for a long time.

When I first saw people posting their experiences on playing Starbound, I thought “didn’t I back that game?” I didn’t remember if it was Kickstarter or what, but I was pretty sure I plunked down some coin to give it a whirl. The game looked fun and since I had so much fun with Terraria, and Starbound looked like Terraria in Space, I figured I’d like Starbound, too. So as I finally made my way halfway through my November emails, I came across two emails from Humble Bundle. One was for the Humble WB Games Bundle and the other was for my Starbound beta access! So that is now downloading and I think I’ll take a break from working on my to-do list to play a little Starbound.

And good heavens, I forgot how much crap came with the Humble WB Bundle! If anyone needs/wants a copy of Arkham Asylum or Arkham City for Steam, let me know and you’re welcome to my copies. I’ve got Xbox 360 copies already.

So along with the Holiday Haul (which I’ll be talking about next), I have gaming coming out of my eyeballs. I am literally set for a year of solid gaming. Who needs next generation?

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