Weekend Gaming

So having finally finished Halo 4 (a post or two should be forthcoming [he says trepidatiously]), it’s time to move on to another old triple-A title i purchased at full price over a year ago and am just now getting around to giving it the time of day: Bioshock Infinite. I started BI when it first came out, but lost interest for reasons that elude me now. I was enjoying it and I like the Bioshock Universe but something distracted me and I never went back.

Speaking of going back, I am now in the thick of a horrendous losing streak. I’m afraid to look to see how many it is, as I stopped counting after 8 or 9. I’d like to chalk it up to playing so many games of the new mode, All Random Death Match (another topic for another post), but it’s not that easy, as I was losing games before the ARDM game mode became available. That being said, I anticipate playing at least a match or two this weekend, to see if I can finally get off the shnide.

So it’s Bioshock Infinite and Dota 2 for me. What will you be playing?

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