Weekend Gaming

Fall is here, which means earlier sunsets, cooler nights and MORE TIME FOR GAMING!

This weekend looks like it’s going to be heavy on the Dota for me. The new patch has come out and every Dota fan is out there, analyzing all the changes. This includes comparing patches and game changes to the Fashion Industry and the idea of a giant snowball of death.

I love it all. I’m particularly interested in trying a couple of things. They gave Timbersaw (#3 on my personal list of favorite Heroes) A SECOND CHAKRAM. (For you Dota Newbies, Timbersaw throws out a whirling blade that spins in place, damaging heroes caught in it and slowing them). In my mind, I see a Venn Diagram of two Chakrams, with Riki or Sniper caught in the intersection.

I also would like to try the newly re-worked Phantom Lancer. Phantom Lancer was fun to play before and the new changes make his strategy completely different. He looks fun, too.

And finally, three games have come out recently that are getting good reviews and I want to try: Gauntlet, Shadow of Mordor and Defense Grid 2. It will be very hard to resist picking one of them up very soon.

So it’s Dota and whatever else tickles my fancy this weekend. How about you?

What are you playing?

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