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fallout_4_communismIt’s the first real weekend of gaming of 2016 (that New Years Day nonsense doesn’t count), so what better way to get the year started with some video games!

I recently (and very belatedly, I’m ashamed to admit) hopped on the Rocket League bandwagon. I heard people rave about this game for weeks on Twitter and podcasts but never took the time to check it out (Dota 2 still had me firmly in its grasp). It went on a nice deep discount during the Steam Winter Sale, so I picked up a four-pack for me and my fellow co-bloggers.

Rocket League is some good stuff, man. It hits on all this buttonmasher’s cylinders — matches that are quick and easy, excellent co-op, and that sweet, sweet nectar of “HOLY SCHNIKES, DID YOU SEE THAT?!”. Rocket League also hits the Portal 2 areas of my brain, where connecting on a centered ball and slamming it home with a perfectly timed jump is as satisfying as that “ah-ha!” moment in Portal 2. Except in Rocket League those moments come all the time. The satisfaction is real.

So yeah, I think I’ll be playing quite a bit of Rocket League this weekend.

I’m also making significant progress in Fallout 4. As much as I’m loving Fallout 4, I’m also starting to see some serious repetition in a lot of the side “missions”. I’ve defended my settlements enough times to know that it’s a never ending battle, so I’m going to focus on the main mission for a while. I think I just hit a major milestone, so I’m going to follow this next batch of missions to see where it takes me.

So it’s Rocket League and Fallout 4 for me. What are you playing this weekend?


  1. Trying to get a few things taken care of before the Diablo 3 patch next week.

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