Weekend Gaming – Descent Road to Legend

This weekend I’ll be diving into a dungeon driven by an evil artificial intelligence.  This AI will play the role of a sadistic overlord who is determined to see me meet my fate at the end of a spear or in the maw of a great beast. It will hurl goblins, venomous spiders, and possibly even a dragon my way as I descend into the darkness below.

This battle will unfold before my very eyes in breathtaking 3d, in the highest definition imaginable, right on my dining room table.  That’s right, I’ll be playing an AI enhanced board game.

Descent: Road to Legend is a companion app to a board game that has been around for over a decade, Descent.  This game is traditionally played as a one vs. many, one player is the dungeon master (overlord) and the rest are a team of adventurers infiltrating a dungeon.  Road to Legend introduces, for free, a new game mode and campaign system.  It presents an AI that acts as the overlord so you can play on your own or cooperatively with a group of friends.

I’m really excited to try this thing out and it gives me a great excuse to pull out a fantastic game that I barely get off the shelf.  I’ve already loaded the app to take a look inside.  I’ve selected which physical descent products I own and it’s populated the experience to match my current catalogue.

This weekend I’ll be giving the tutorial a whirl to see how it plays.  I’m eager to experience this great old game in an interesting and unique way.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

Road to Legend Announcement Trailer (Video – 1:14)
Road to Legend on iOS
Road to Legend on Google Play
Descent: Journeys in the Dark on Amazon


  1. I downloaded the Forza 6: Apex Beta for the PC, so I hope to give that a spin after I upgrade my video drivers.

    I also re-downloaded SMITE, which means I should probably give that a whirl.

    And Dota. There will always be Dota.

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