August Releases

Getting a new console always gives me a new perspective when I put this monthly release post together, but unfortunately Nintendo has nothing coming out this month on the Switch. There are still some solid titles this month, including Agents of Mayhem, aiming for that Crackdown Throne. On to this month’s releases:

Microsoft Xbox One

Week of August 7th

Week of August 14th

Week of August 21st

Week of August 28th

Nintendo Switch

No August releases for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo 3DS

No August releases for the Nintendo 3DS.


Week of August 7th
– Occult Raise –
Batman: The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series
Sine Mora EX
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
Law Mower – I don’t think I’ve ever been more convinced I needed a game after watching a trailer than I am right now, having watched the Law Mower trailer multiple times.
Sudden Strike 4
Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

Week of August 14th
Agents of Mayhem
Sonic Mania
Nidhogg 2
Original Journey
Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition

Week of August 21st
Project Remedium
F1 2017

Week of August 28th
Bannerman – Getting a Prince of Persia vibe from this one. Also: Historically Accurate Bloodshed!
Tiny Echo
Hello Neighbor

Sony Playstation 4

Week of August 7th

Week of August 14th

Week of August 21st

Week of August 28th

Sony Playstation Vita

No August releases for the Playstation Vita.

What are you picking up this month?

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