Diablo 3 on the Switch

I’m still working through the next monitor research post, but I just wanted to complete a quick side-quest to say how pleasantly surprising it is to read that Diablo 3 on the Switch is actually pretty good. I am proud of that little Switch machine and I get a little defensive when its horsepower is questioned but I’m also a realist — I know it has limitations. I am currently playing through Season 15 on PC as a zoo keeper Necro and it sure seems like the game would suffer on the Switch, but apparently that doesn’t seem to be the case. A smattering of reviews:

IGN calls it “amazing” and gives it a 9/10:

And though we tried like hell to bring Diablo 3’s 60fps framerate to its knees on the Switch, it not only didn’t break, it didn’t even flinch. With four players setting off crazy special attacks amidst dozens of monsters onscreen, Diablo 3 on Switch stayed buttery smooth.

Polygon gives it high marks:

Being able to run through rifts at your desk, sitting on the couch while watching a movie or while traveling is great. Unless you’re really trying to push the limits of your current character, Diablo 3 is about as chill as it gets, and having it detached from big screen and ready to play whenever you are is reason enough to pick up the Switch port.

God is a Geek comes in with an 8.5/10 score and reports that couch co-op isn’t all that bad:

The Switch version offers 4-player couch-co-op (if you have enough controllers), which is incredibly fun but can be frustrating when you’re all trying to micromanage your character’s gear and the menu screen blocks everyone else’s game, forcing them to sit and wait until you’re done. Played online it’s easier, but of course you lose the undeniable magic of playing together on the same screen.

While I don’t think Diablo 3 on the Switch is in my future, it’s nice to see it’s continuing the streak of great games on the Switch.

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