Weekend Gaming

The kids are back in school, it’s an off Friday for the Buttonmasher and the weekend is laid out in front of us, full of opportunities to get some gaming in and watch some pro Dota (The International 9!).

Right now, there isn’t a particular game that has my full attention. For a while I was playing the charming (and maddeningly frustrating) Rogue-like Below but I have cooled a little on that (you can only do so many corpse runs before you want to give up). So what to play this weekend is wide open.

The year of completing games is still in full effect. With Destiny 2, Resident Evil 2, and The Division 2 already finished, there are a variety of games in varying states of completeness I could return to. The Division 2 has new DLC. My six-years-too-late run through Bioshock Infinite is nearing a close. I’m near the end of another run through Dead Rising (the OG), I started poking around in NieR:Automata again (and remembering how good that game is) and for completeness sake, I should pop back into Thimbleweed Park and put a fork in that one. Oh, and for good measure, my fellow buttonmasher Nick has got me thinking about Pillars of Eternity, too.

Now that I look at that list, I am suddenly overwhelmed, which normally means I won’t play any of them and end up wasting time playing Dota 2. But not this time! Something, somehow, will get completed this weekend.

What will you be playing?

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