Sony, You Have It All Wrong

Allow me to respond to this video. (If you don’t see it in your reader, come to the site.)

I will admit this video is funny with the whole texting grandma bit. However, this video does not logically make sense. First, some disclaimers:

  • I like my PSP. I pull it out once every three months and play it.
  • I love my iPod touch. I use it every day for email, surfing, checking weather, and an occasional game.

Sony’s major argument is that you can play high-quality games for only $9.99. I can play three maybe four games on the iPod for that amount.

Second, this doesn’t make sense because there’s hardly anything there for $9.99. Let’s see, I can get GTA: Chinatown Wars for $10 on the App Store or $20 on PSN. Sure.

Certainly the argument can be made that there is a lot of trash on the App Store. I agree, but usually amongst the trash there is a gem or two. Before PSP fanboys get up in arms, I do have some PSN games on it, but I only ever bought them on sale (God of War, Savage Moon, Thexder Neo, Pixel Junk Monsters Deluxe, and a few other unimpressive titles).

The PSPgo had so much potential to be awesome, but there was nothing available for it but full-retail priced titles and a few small games. If the thing had been “opened” up like the App Store they’d be swimming in cash, but no, they had to keep a lid on it and so it’s a loss–for everyone.

This video does not work for me. Curiously, who does it work for? The few 13-30 somethings that are not socially connected and know better?


Wow. Just. Wow.

It had me at the rising steampunk balloon. Amazing world concept.

StarCraft II? I Wish

I’m a big fan of RTS games. However, I think Blizzard might be a little full of themselves for charging $60 for StarCraft II–especially if you only play single player. It’s essentially two games anyway.

(I’m late to the pricing-pity-party.)

Dead Space Extraction

Dead Space Extraction is an underrated gem–an interactive movie for the Wii. I’ve jumped more than a few times. It’s amazing what some developers can squeeze out of the console. One of the best games I’ve played on the system. I had feelings of watching Aliens for the first time.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene [Lasting Longer]

Almost a year ago, we brought you some news about Space Invaders for all the iDevices. Taito has had a FREE update in the works for some time now that adds a new ship, a sideways mode, and the option to get some more ships via DLC. This was my iPhone FGotY last year and this keeps it right on the homepage of my iPod. The update is on the App store now.

[2 Minute Review] Puzzle Agent

Chewing gum is good for you!

Now, I know why they didn’t let you chew it in school.

DO: Fargo meets Professor Layton meets an incredible illustrator

TYPE: puzzle adventure

PLATFORM: PC (Steam version reviewed), Mac, and iPhone (coming soon)

PRICE: $10

MEAT: You are Nelson Tethers, FBI agent with the U.S. Department of Puzzle Research. You solve crimes by solving puzzles. Strangely, the puzzles are not what make this game special. It’s the incredible art style, characterization, and wonderful humor. It’s also backed up with an appropriate soundtrack. The gum? Chewing it helps you solve puzzles. The catch? you have to find some. It’s a rather funny deus ex machina.

PERKS: wonderful 2D animation; great voice acting; compelling story; character depth conveyed in something as little as eye motions; humor; price; creepy atmosphere; excellent pacing; great framing of shots; funny use for bubble gum

SCREAMS: to be a full point-n-click adventure game or better puzzles; to not be so wordy with puzzle descriptions; more puzzle variety; a little longer length than 3 hours; ending? (let’s hope not); make the gum game a hidden picture game; to be a little more difficult;

VERDICT: Buy. Get it now on Steam while it’s discounted for 10%. The title is part of TellTale Games pilot program. If it has a good response, they’ll make seasons of it. Do it. I want more of them!

Epic Win

Finally. Something epic ror real life.

Epic Win

We’ve both said things you’re going to regret [Portal 2]

While some here are eagerly anticipating the latest Japanese-ambiguous game, some anticipate more zombies, some anticipate reaching for something in 2010–this. This. This is my anticipated game for 2011.

I love how he tries to hack into the device. Head on over to the site if you don’t see the video in your RSS reader.

Toy Story 3 The Video Game

Toy Story 3 The Video Game is accessible for all ages, a good use of Pixar assets (from all their films), and almost spot on in its delivery. Woody is Woody, and Buzz is Buzz. The boys and I have put five combined hours into it already. Toy Box mode? Brilliant.

History Comes Full Circle?

I was free roaming last night with two new friends in Red Dead Redemption. We were on a public server having a blast as a posse clearing gang hideouts. After a while, five new people log on dressed as banditos, form their own posse, and precede to own us.

They were speaking Spanish.

I love this game.

(If you want to form a posse, leave your PSN name in the comments. We’ll rule the West.)