So Much For Not Gaming This Weekend

I planned on taking it easy on the games this weekend. Instead, I beat Monkey Island Special Edition in two sittings. It’s a great game though, just as good as I remember it.

360 Days of 360 Gaming

Today, I have played Xbox 360 (and Games for Windows LIVE) games for 360 days in a row. I should get a prize.
I hit the 360th day of my streak

[2 Minute Review] Terminator Salvation

If you liked the movie, then you’ll probably like the game.

Get used to this guy; you are going to see him a lot.Play as John Connor as he and his companions try to save a group of Resistance fighters that are trapped in a Skynet facility.

DO: Take cover, flank the enemy, shoot the enemy. Get out of cover, walk to the next fight. Occasionally shoot from a vehicle. Repeat until the credits scroll.

TYPE: 3rd Person Cover-Based Shooter

PLATFORM: Xbox 360 (reviewed), PlayStation 3, Windows DVD-ROM

MEAT: Terminator Salvation takes many cues from both Gears of War games. Each of the game’s chapters are broken up into little theaters – areas in which you are pinned down and must fight through waves of enemies until they are all defeated. Each theater is easily identified by objects that are randomly strewn about, acting as cover for you and your teammates. Your survival is dependant on taking cover as you will not be able to survive under the heavy automated fire of the machines.

As you play through Terminator Salvation’s nine chapters, you will fight the same four enemies when Connor is on-foot: Aerostats (small flying machines aka “Wasps”), T7-Ts (four-legged machines aka “Spiders”), Hunter Killers (large flying machines aka “HKs”) and T-600s (endoskeletons, sometimes called “skin jobs”). The on-rails segments feature the motorcycle-shaped Terminators and mounted turrets in one segment.

The graphics and voice work are adequate, and the controls work for the game. I found myself frustrated with the lack of a roadie run; on a few occasions I could not use the cover system to get me from one spot to the other, so I had to take a leisurely stroll through enemy fire. Since your health does not replenish until all enemy waves have been eliminated, this was very dangerous, but necessary, action to take.

PERKS: The cover system works well. The on-rails segments are entertaining and are a much-needed break from the standard gameplay. The inclusion of Moon Bloodgood’s and Common’s likenesses and voices help to tie the game closer to the movie it is based on. The achievements are easy to get; simply playing through the 6 hour campaign on Hard mode will net you 1000 points. Cooperative play through the campaign is available both in offline splitscreen and over Xbox LIVE.

SCREAMS: For more than the six enemy types you will encounter, a longer playthrough time, more reasons to play through the game more than once (like collectibles, online multiplayer or multiple paths through the campaign) and a roadie run.

VERDICT: Rent. The game’s short length and few achievements will give Gamerscore addicts a reason to play through this game once. Fans of Gear of War will appreciate playing through a similar experience.

Hi There

My name is Will, and I am one of the two new faces Tony introduced yesterday.

I’m a collector – one of those odd gamers that holds on to games and never trades them in. Over the past 20 years or so, this habit has resulted in a collection of about 800 games that span several systems: NES, Genesis, SNES, Sega CD, 32X, Saturn, N64, Dreamcast, GameCube, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, various Game Boys and Nintendo DSes.

My Xbox 360 circa 03/08; one-half of its current size

Lately, my Xbox 360 gets most of my attention. However, I occasionally play my PS3 and Steam games. Feel free to throw a friend request my way:

Oh, and about that name. I like penguins. Back in college I was known as “Chill Will” amongst my frat brothers. So I combined the two and got Chill Penguin. I had convinced myself that I really made up that name, somehow glossing over the fact that Mega Man X is a game that I played a lot, and I always wiped the floor with Chill Penguin first.

I hope you enjoy what I will bring to