Torchlight 2 Announced

Torchlight 2 Announced, to the surprise of no one.

Torchlight 2

How will this affect the MMO version of Torchlight?

StarCraft II? I Wish

I’m a big fan of RTS games. However, I think Blizzard might be a little full of themselves for charging $60 for StarCraft II–especially if you only play single player. It’s essentially two games anyway.

(I’m late to the pricing-pity-party.)

Dead Space Extraction

Dead Space Extraction is an underrated gem–an interactive movie for the Wii. I’ve jumped more than a few times. It’s amazing what some developers can squeeze out of the console. One of the best games I’ve played on the system. I had feelings of watching Aliens for the first time.

Toy Story 3 The Video Game

Toy Story 3 The Video Game is accessible for all ages, a good use of Pixar assets (from all their films), and almost spot on in its delivery. Woody is Woody, and Buzz is Buzz. The boys and I have put five combined hours into it already. Toy Box mode? Brilliant.

OnLive Going Live

On June 17th.

Sign up, if that’s going to be your thing. (Personally, I’m good, thanks)

How Much Is Uncharted 2 Worth?

I was able to score Uncharted 2 for $11 new. Having not finished the first, but hearing good things about this one, is that a good deal?

Argh! My ears!

As much as an Iron Fanboy that I am, the voice acting in the Iron Man 2 Videogame trailer is so horrendous that I barely made it through. I’m am the least snobbish person I know about voice acting, but Tony Stark sounds like a high school nerd attempting a Robert Downey Jr. impersonation. As a bonus, the dialogue was obnoxious.

I’ll Have a Mac Steamed, Please

I just installed the Mac client for Steam and now I own 20+ games on my Mac–just like that. Torchlight, Portal, Civ IV, Braid, a bunch of other indie titles. The list just goes on and on.

Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills

I wonder how this virtual reality experiment would translate to the video game world:

Even in virtual-reality settings, men will take risks to impress the opposite sex.

Does playing with a girl (either in person or online, playing in a multiplayer setting) affect the way you handle yourself in-game? I know it has affected me.

Demigod for $5? Come Here.

I just received a 75% off coupon code for Stardock’s Demigod. It’s easily worth that even if you don’t play it online. I only have one code, so it’s first come first serve. Nah, it’s good for as many people who want it. Apparently, whoever refers the most buyers gets a prize. Respond in the comments.