Blur Impressions [beta]

The Blur beta started today on the 360, and yours truly was able to score a code. Let me say this: Think Burnout Paradise + licensed cars + Mario Kart – annoying powerup randomness + the leveling mechanic of Call of Duty = the best online racing experience I’ve ever had. I knew this just fifteen minutes in. Each race is about 5 minutes long and is intense, pretty, and wonderful throughout the entire course. If they make no major changes in the negative, this is a must buy. Now to get it on PS3 or 360?

More Blur Goodness

Earlier today, I mentioned that Bizarre Creations is going crazy giving away beta keys to many websites for their new game, Blur. Let me be a little more descriptive about the game. Think Call of Duty 4 meets Project Gotham Racing meets Burnout Paradise.

Yes, you race for experience and go up in rank. As you get higher, you can unlock powerups and mods for your cars. Giantbomb has got a great video up with one of the games designers. I really love the look of this game. There is so much more mentioned in the video.

The beta opens March 8. It’s for the 360, but I think I’ll pick up the PS3 version.

Note: The Giant Bomb video doesn’t embed into our RSS. (Geesh). Those of you RSS readers need to head on over to the site for a look. Come on in to our house and stop looking through the windows. It’s creepy.

Dead Rising Megapost

We love us some Dead Rising here at Buttonmashing. At the recent Tokyo Game Show, Capcom basically positioned themselves and Dead Rising 2 as the company and game of the show. We just wanted to create this mega-post and let you know what’s been shared about the game so far.


  • The game takes place a few years after the initial outbreak.
  • You play as Chuck Greene (in another 72 hour period), a former motocross champion, who is is forced to confront the zombie horde in Fortune City (a Las Vegas wannabe).
  • He is possibly motivated by his surviving daughter and he also take part in a zombie-reality show at some point.
  • This reality show also is the basis for some multiplayer play. Think of it as American Gladiators with zombies.
  • Zombies on screen have been increased from 800 to 6,000!
  • There is no more photography (thank goodness!)
  • Weapons are crazier than ever. Think a shotgun attached to a rake, a blender placed on a head, double-edged chainsaws, and wheelchairs with all sorts of weapons attached.

Now on to the videos:

The multiplayer trailer (with an obvious nod to the Canadian developers working on the project)

Some actual multiplayer gameplay:

Shotgun rake gameplay:

Wheelchair gameplay:

Are ya’ ready for some football!?!?

Check out the chainsaws!

Source: Google?

Runes of Magic: First Impressions

At first look, I automatically thought this game would be a World of Warcraft copy. After spending a decent amount of time on this game and getting to level 33 I feel I know enough to give some impressions to everyone

First things first, the game is free! Yes, FREE!. Now of course there are micro transactions because after all they do need to make some kind of money off of the game, but you don’t have to buy anything and can still have a good time. The only race you can have is human at the moment, they will be adding elves soon.

pic-786There are 6 classes: Knight, Warrior, Priest, Mage, Scout, and Rogue with two more on the way (Warden and Druid). You pick two classes one primary and one secondary I’ve been playing a Scout/Rogue. (fyi – all I hear about the scout class is that they are underpowered and nerfed all the time. I’m not sure I can 100% agree but I do see where some of the frustration with the class comes from. I do know I am looking forward to trying the new classes, as are a million other people… Back to the post.) You get all of the skills of your primary class (all of the general and class specific skills) and for your secondary class you can only get the general skills. Which leaves you with sometimes either pointless skills from your secondary class or really helpful and necessary skills.

The graphics are more than sufficient for a free game. The armor and weapons actually look like the picture in your inventory(one of my favorite aspects a game if done right.) and the variety is pretty plentiful once you get into the higher levels.

The only complaint I have right now is that the installation/download/update process is long and horrible. Especially since I’ve reinstalled Windows XP after trying the Windows 7 RC. (I should make a post about it.)

There is so much more to go into detail about this game, but I’ll leave that for another post. To wet your whistle I’ll leave you with a trailer.


P.S. If you play or get started I’m on the Osha server and the Name of my Scout/Rogue is Ookami.

MK vs DC: First Impressions

Freaking awesome!!!

That about sums up my first impression.

I played through the DC story line and started up the MK side tonight. The story really works and the way it’s layed out is great too. The fighting mechanics are fun fun fun. The new klose kombat and free-fall kombat are a new and fresh addition. I’ll write up a more in depth review of the game after I’ve put enough time into it. For now I’m just enjoying it to the fullest.