24: Under My Radar

At one time this was my favorite show. However, it’s been almost two years since we last saw it thanks to the WGA strike. I guess this “mini-day” is to placate us. Yeah. I’m excited.

It looks like a cross between Rambo, Hotel Rwanda, Tears of the Sun, and oh, yeah, Jon Freakin’ Voight.

24: The Unaired 1994 Pilot

You may have heard that the current Writer’s Guild strike may adversely affect this season’s installment of 24. Hopefully this will lessen the blow:

Best viewed full screen.

Season Finales

** Needless to say, spoilers abound below. **


First off, I just finished watching the season finale of Lost. That was how a season finale is done! Everything about the episode was great. The pacing, the action, the suspense. The flashback-that-wasn’t had me riveted. I’m dying to know whose obituary Jack had found! I was a little sad to see Charlie go, as he was the reason why I started watching the show to begin with, but someone had to go. (And is he really gone anyway? You never know with the Island) Everything about this episode was great. I had let my Lost viewing lapse a few months ago, but I’m glad I picked it back up.

As a stark opposite of the greatest that was the Lost finale, the Heroes finale demonstrated how not to end a series. I was deeply disappointed with the Heroes finale. Everything up to the last ten minutes was shaping up great, but the ending was a huge “meh.” I had hoped that all the “good guys” would finally gang up on Sylar, with Peter or Hiro delivering the final blow, but they didn’t go that route. I was glad that some loose ends were tied up, but I was wanting a little more super-hero action. And who was the really bad guy the little girl was worried about?

Even though they ended a couple weeks ago, My Name is Earl and The Office both ended strongly. This season of Earl was lacking something, but the last couple episodes were great and the finale was pretty sweet. The scenes with Randy and the two little Hellions were great. The Office is starting to get a little too “soapy” for me, so I hope they go drop some of the Pam/Jim drama and go back to the practical jokes on Dwight and more episodes like the Pretzel Day episode. That’s TV comedy at its finest.

Finally, I don’t know if 30 Rock had a finale, but that show is quickly becoming my favorite show on Thursday nights. I used to hate Tina Fey on SNL, especially when she did Weekend Update (is that all she did?) with Jimmy Fallon, but I may have just been projecting my white-hot hatred of Fallon onto her and not giving her a fair chance. I do, however, have much love for Tracey Morgan and anything he does, so I’m glad I stuck around with 30 Rock. I’m hoping that weirdness that happened with Alec Baldwin doesn’t spell an early end to the show, as he’s crucial to its success.

Now that all my shows have wrapped up for the season, I’ll hopefully have more time to play some video games. I don’t know why I let myself get caught up in TV shows, but I do. I even go as far as letting them dictate my schedule. It can’t be healthy. I don’t know what I’ll watch now. At least I still have Iron Chef America to keep me company.

(BTW: I don’t know if 24 has wrapped this season up yet, but if you survived to the end, I’d love to hear what happened. I stopped watching when Jack was going to save his girlfriend from the Chinese. It got too hooky for me after he strung up the bad guy in chains.)

Search me!

Jack BauerI get visitors from search engines all the time. As you probably already know, people search for some weird stuff. Unfortunately I don’t get the hilarious search phrases all the cool bloggers get and mock, so I’ve never had enough funny searches that would warrant a blog post. Until today, that is, when someone hit buttonmashing.com searching for:

how to become a jack bauer

Wow. I don’t have anything witty to add to that. I simply want to meet the man (or woman) who wants to become a Jack Bauer and shake his or her hand.

On a 24-related side note, I stopped watching 24 a few weeks ago and started watching Heroes again. 24 got stale and jumped the shark with the whole “save Audrey from the Chinese” storyline. Did I make a mistake? Or was it still an over-the-top cheesefest?

Questions for you 24 junkies

24tv.jpgOkay, fellow 24 junkies, I’ve had a chance to digest the four-hour season premier of 24. (If you were wondering, yes, 24 kicks some serious butt in HD). So far, I have mixed feelings about the way this season has started. There are some things I like and some things I have a problem with. I do, however, have a few questions (– SPOILER ALERT –):

How did Wayne Palmer become President that fast? I thought he had no interest in serving in office? Maybe I missed something.

And what about his sister? Years have elapsed in the “24 Universe,” yet there was never a mention (that I can remember) of a sister. Sounds Star Wars-esque.

Where are Aaron Pierce and Mike Novick? We all know that Jack and Aaron are the only ones that will survive the apocalypse. Curtis is obvious proof of that. Jack and Aaron are like cockroaches. They can survive fricken nuclear winter. So where is Agent Pierce?

Speaking of Curtis, Holy Crap on Stilts! Who saw that coming?! I thought Curtis was, like, a Jack Junior or something. Mrs. buttonMasher was very disappointed to see Curtis buy the farm so early.

I’m not as steeped in 24 Lore as some of you may be, so if you can enlighten me, I’d appreciate it.