What I’m playing

I’m at a point in Ouendan right now that I simply can’t finish, so I think it’s a good time to step away for a little while and get back to some other games. This is what I had been playing, before Ouendan took over my gaming time:

Marvel Ultimate AllianceMarvel Ultimate Alliance – This was a rental for this past weekend. I played the first couple hours exclusively with my brother-in-law. He’s much more versed in the Marvel Universe, so he was much more familiar with the different characters available. I just know that Colossus has always been my favorite X-Men, so I played with him for the majority of the game while the bro-in-law was switching between a lot of the characters. The game is definitely a fun little beat-em-up romp. Not especially deep, but it does have some nice RPG elements. This is one I’d like to get some online co-op time with.

Image1.jpgGears of War – Speaking of online co-op, I’m still trying to get some online co-op in Gears of War. I was all set to do some co-op GoW’ing with Zonk but his 360 met an untimely malfunction and that prevented us from giving it a go. He’s all back up and running, so we’ve tentatively set up a future gaming time so I can finally give the game its final paces. I may also jump into some ranked games to grab some more achievements. Too bad the players found in ranked games are mostly from the dregs of society. You know how it is.

Burnout Revenge – I also picked up Burnout Revenge. I know I’m late to this game, but it’s still a blast. I’m slowly making it through, trying to get “Perfects” on every race. Once I unlock a couple of the faster cars, I’ll be jumping online to see if anyone is actually still playing this game.

And finally, now that I’ve evicted Ouendan from the DS, I’ll be going back to Contact. I was enjoying it before, so hopefully it won’t be a problem jumping back into the action. And as always, I’m still working off my debts to Tom Nook in Animal Crossing. I’ll be jumping on the WiFi to see if I can’t game the turnips market, so if you’re still playing AC:WW, let me know and you can come over and visit my town.

I’ve promised myself I won’t pick up any new titles until I see what Santa brings me, so this is pretty much what I’ll be playing until then. I’ll have to post my wish list soon. What are you guys playing?

Turnip Market Crash!

B0009Z3MQK-01-_AA_SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg[Animal Crossing: Wild World]: Either it’s Black Monday every Monday in my Animal Crossing town, or Tom Nook and Joan (the Turnip Lady) are in cahoots to financially ruin me. In the Gamecube version of Animal Crossing, playing the turnip market was very lucrative. I paid my house off in record time by simply buying low and selling high. That’s Investing 101, look it up.

Well for the past couple months, I’ve dutifully met up with Joan Sunday mornings and spent a fair amount of bells buying White Turnips at extortion-like prices. We’re talking almost 100 bells a turnip. That’s highway robbery. Then I check turnip prices daily with Tom Nook. He refuses to offer me more than 75 bells a turnip. That’s just not right. There needs to be a Wild World Securities and Exchange Commision investigation or something. Those two are ruining me. There’s no way I’m I’m paying that mortgage off now.

I tried my hand with a Red Turnip, which I sold to Nook for 16,000 bells. ONE fricken turnip! It must be some kind of controlled substance. No one pays that kind of money for a glorified root. I’d grow more to keep him hopped-up on a red turnip high but I keep forgetting to water them and they die on me.

Those poor things are delicate.

Update:This will take you to the old Friend Code post. Here is my AC:WW Town info. Add me and let me know you’re code, too!

Name: Tonester
Town: Pamplona
Friend Code: 2749-3859-8704

In my hands

I’ve got a copy of Animal Crossing Wild World. I’ll be giving it a whirl during my shows. Once I get my town set up, I’ll post my friends code. Hopefully we’ll see some of you in town!

Animal Crossing is the game that has probably received the most playing time out of all my Gamecube games. Both the buttonWife and I have played the heck out of it and I’m hoping the DS version has the same appeal. This time I’ll put a little more thought into naming my town. Naming my original AC town “pooptown” is something I’ve deeply regretted.

Update: I finished up the tasks Tom Nook had for me and I am free to roam the world over! Here’s my info:
Name: Tonester
Town: Pamplona
Friend Code: 2749-3859-8704

I’ll add any codes you guys post here. See you in the Wild World!

AC on the DS

Must be video day here. Here’s a video of Animal Crossing on the DS. I’m still playing Animal Crossing on the Gamecube (the buttonDaughter loves it). Online Animal Crossing is going to be addicting. I need to talk some friends into buying their own DSes. (screen shots, too)