I’ve been playing Batman too much…

You know how after you’ve played a bunch of Bejeweled or Tetris right before bed, you see shapes and patterns and three-in-a-rows when you close your eyes?

Well, lately I’ve been closing my eyes before bed and going into Detective Mode.

Or I’ll see little green bats with circles around them.

This game is getting to me.

In (both of) My Hands


Guys! What is wrong with me? I don’t have time to play all these games! What happens when Skyrim comes out? Help me!

So what game do I start with? I’m thinking Dark Souls. You don’t eat the main course before the soul-crushing appetizer, right?

Batman: Arkham City Screenies

Kotaku has 20 new screenshots from Rocksteady. Re: Batman Arkham City. Fall of 2011 cannot come soon enough. I’m thinking of playing through the first game again just for kicks.

Image above is in higher-res if you save it.