Buckeye Blogging, BCS Championship Game


Blogging has been and will be light around these parts the next couple days, as tonight is the BCS National Championship game between my Ohio State Buckeyes and the Florida Gators. I’ll be blogging the highlights of the game at my OSU site, Men of the Scarlet and Gray (there’s an Open Thread at the site, all about the game, if you’re interested).

I’m super excited about the game, so gaming will be minimal until the euphoria (or heaven forbid, depression) after the game has worn off. Once I come down from the high of victory, we’ll resume the video game blogging as normal. I’ve got plans to revisit some of the DS games I’ve neglected (Contact, EBA, NSMB) along with my Christmas haul. I’ll also have site and Carnival updates. And a TV update, as well.

Speaking of TV, I can’t tell you how excited I am about seeing the Championship Game in HD. Fox seems to be doing a great job of sports in HD so I’m assuming this will be no different. It’s hard to watch programming now that isn’t in HD. That may sound like HD-snobbery (which it is) but I can’t believe the difference it makes. I think my buddy explained it best when he compared it to how our parents must have felt when they went from black and white to color TVs in their day. It’s that dramatic.

Yeah, we lost. Yeah, it sucks. Yeah, I’m over it.

I’m ready to get back to gaming.

Buckeye Blogging, Michigan game.

Wow, what a game! Instant classic in Columbus, Ohio State starts and finishes the regular season ranked #1. What a team!

You can read my semi-live blog of the game at my OSU site, Men of the Scarlet and Gray.

OSU: 42
Michigan: 39

Buckeye Blogging, OSU vs. Texas

I’m not blogging here about the Ohio State football games, as I know have a dedicated OSU Sports blog, so you can check that out here.

All you need to know is that OSU worked Texas over, with impunity.

Final Score:
Ohio State: 24
Texas: 7

Presenting the Men of the Scarlet and Gray

If you’ve been reading buttonmashing.com for longer than a few months, you’ll know that I’m a big sports fan. “Big” is actually an understatement. I love sports. Interspersed between my incoherent rants and ramblings about video games you’ve probably noticed mention of the “Men of the Scarlet and Gray”. Men of the Scarlet and Gray (as praised in the OSU Fight song, the Buckeye Battle Cry) are, of course, members of the many Ohio State University sports teams. My love for all things Buckeyes runs deep. Possibly even deeper than my love of video games. I’ve blogged about their exploits in great detail over the past couple years. It’s been a lot of fun but I never saw sports as a topic people came to buttonmashing.com for.

So with that in mind, I have launched a new sports blog named “Men of the Scarlet and Gray” (MotSaG for short) with some blog buddies (including the Monkey and the Conservative Buckeye). From now on, you’ll find my “Buckeye Blogging” over there, along with other musings on the state of sports in Ohio. While Ohio State football will be the primary focus, we’ll also be discussing things such as the Indians, Browns and Bengals, Cavs and anything else along the I-71 corridor. (I’m “el Kaiser” at MotSaG)

So those of you that ignored my sports posts in the past can rest assured that they’ll only get a passing mention here, and those of you who enjoy talking about sports and video games are more than welcome to add MotSaG to your reading list, whether you’re a fan of the Buckeyes or not. We’re all sports fans, and that makes us equals.

Unless, of course, you root for the Wolverines.

Buckeye Blogging, Spring Game Edition

I went to my first Ohio State Spring Game (known as the Scarlet and Gray Game). Even though some of OSU’s top players didn’t play (or play much), OSU fans can rest assured that The 2006 Ohio State Buckeyes are going to be early favorites contending for a pre-season #1 ranking. The defense, which lost nine starters, looked like they won’t skip a beat. It will be tough to replace the line backer corps of 2005, but these guys coming in will do just fine.

And the highly touted Chris “Beanie” Wells looks impressive. He is going to be a bruiser. This is going to be an offense that is going to rack up a lot of yards and put up a lot of points. Even if the defense struggles at first, the offense will have its back. I am excited about this Ohio State team.

The only downer from going to the game (besides the sun burn) is that we’ve got to wait 4 1/2 more months until football season starts. I can’t wait!