Cops & Robbers

Did you get the latest DLC for your copie(s) ofBurnout Paradise today. Itíll set you back $10.


I am so there.

Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars on Thursday

This actually came out earlier in the week, but the pricing wasn’t mentioned. Basically all the cars are $2 save for one. Can you guess which?


Yeah, the 88 Special will set you back $4. However, if you buy all four as a set for $8 you save $2 making the car priced like all the others. The incentive is to buy all four.

Uh, I was going to anyway.

Party in Paradise

The new Burnout Paradise Party Pack is out for both 360 and PS3 for $10. I think even if it sucks, I’m getting it on principle alone because of the awesome support this game has received. Of course, I imagine that every DLC Criterion has from now own will be priced, but, bah, time will tell.

Now, do I get it for 360, PS3, or both?

I Love Criterion

Have I ever said it before? Some video of all four of the DLC cars in action for Burnout Paradise.

Merry Christmas from Criterion

Everybody remember this? Now we’ve got some proof:

(I don’t know why YouTube’s videos have gone all diarrhetic the last couple of days, but it works.)

I’m really starting to like what the fine folks at Criterion are doing. Yes, I will still pay for it. My only concern is that they’ve not said how much.