Dead Rising Megapost

We love us some Dead Rising here at Buttonmashing. At the recent Tokyo Game Show, Capcom basically positioned themselves and Dead Rising 2 as the company and game of the show. We just wanted to create this mega-post and let you know what’s been shared about the game so far.


  • The game takes place a few years after the initial outbreak.
  • You play as Chuck Greene (in another 72 hour period), a former motocross champion, who is is forced to confront the zombie horde in Fortune City (a Las Vegas wannabe).
  • He is possibly motivated by his surviving daughter and he also take part in a zombie-reality show at some point.
  • This reality show also is the basis for some multiplayer play. Think of it as American Gladiators with zombies.
  • Zombies on screen have been increased from 800 to 6,000!
  • There is no more photography (thank goodness!)
  • Weapons are crazier than ever. Think a shotgun attached to a rake, a blender placed on a head, double-edged chainsaws, and wheelchairs with all sorts of weapons attached.

Now on to the videos:

The multiplayer trailer (with an obvious nod to the Canadian developers working on the project)

Some actual multiplayer gameplay:

Shotgun rake gameplay:

Wheelchair gameplay:

Are ya’ ready for some football!?!?

Check out the chainsaws!

Source: Google?

Cast Off Your Dream: Resident Evil Code: Veronica

The search for a missing brother and then the search for a missing sister dominates our title for Day 5 of influential Dreamcast games. Oh, and thereís a virus that makes things interesting. T-virus.

Iím going to share a personal opinion with you right up front. Resident Evil Code: Veronica is the second greatest Resident Evil game behind Resident Evil 4. Well, now you know where I stand.

resicvx_004-largeThe game starts with Claire Redfield looking for her brother Chris on an island owned by the Umbrella Corporation, andóI really donít want to spoil anything if youíve not played this game because it has possibly the best story of all the RE games. However, she does find Chris, but then Chris looses her and zombie hilarity ensues throughout the entire game. Even though RE4 had some of the creepiest characters, hands down Veronica is the scariest game. I donít think Iíve ever jumped so much while playing a game.

This title featured rotating camera angles that greatly enhanced the cinematic thrills. It was no slouch in the graphics department either. If youíve been reading the previous posts this is starting to become clichťd, but once again a developer was pushing the limit visually and aesthetically, and Capcom utilized the console to some of its best potential early in the consoleís life.

This is one of those rare games that is must play. If youíve not, you are in luck. Itís easy to find for the Dreamcast (the original and an enhanced versionóVeronica X), but ports are also available on the PS2 and is easy to find for the Gamecube (Think Wii. Although the Ďcube version is the lowest reviewed of the three.) However, of all the older RE games, it holds up pretty well.

Trust me on this. Play it.

I Just Saved You At Least $20

Gamestop is offering a lot of new games for $20. I personally donít think any of the newer games are AAA titles. (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed comes close, but you know our thoughts on that title). Bionic Commando made the list.

Let me begin by saying Bionic Commando is my Forced Unleashed for 2009. Only this title Iíll probably not play through. Right now, itís my reigning champion for most wasted potential in a game this year.

18404_normal Iíll start with the gripes because itís all I have.

The Swing MechanicóItís stupid. Attaching and beginning the swing is easy enough. However, when do you think would be the best time to let go and swing to the next item? No, itís not at the end of the swing. Itís just right after the bottom of your arc. Yes, there is an indicator of when to let go, but it appears and disappears so fastÖI donít want to be frustrated playing games. Just the tutorial was an adventure in frustration. Think the platform jumping of The Force Unleashed with the repetition of Mirrorís Edge. (Ooo, two frustrations added together. Yay!)

The Shooting MechanicóPew. Pew. Literally. The only indication you have for hitting an enemy is that they twitch and the red bar above their head depletes. Think standing seizures. Think shooting with a BB gun. Itís what it sounds like.

The graphicsóItís hard to explain. It looks pretty, but there are times where it appears that the 3D world has been pressed flatóespecially in some cutscenes.

The Level DesignóThis game screams to be open world. Nope. Itís linear and youíre held in place by almost invisible ďradiationĒ. Thereís nothing more fun than swinging up a building and realizing that their must be something up on top. Hey, they game is letting me get up there. It makes sense, right? Nope. Radiation. Itís like getting to the end of the maze and there was no cheese.

The Dialogueóyou said the ďFĒ-word in the intro. Youíre big and bad now. Almost every time he falls he poops from his mouth. I heard it a lot.

The Arm MechanicóOf all the gripes, this is the least. When it works, itís awesome. Only there are times where thereís nothing to do with it. There are parts of levels where youíre just platforming, swinging to your next group of enemies. An open world street-brawler with special arm moves would have been killer. I guess Iíll go play Prototype.

I put in an honest five hours. Granted one of those hours was in the tutorial. I think I now know why itís averaging $20 out there when it just came out in May for $60. Biggest and quickest price drop of any game this generation? Maybe so.

Take your $20 and get Bionic Commando Rearmed.

This didnít get a full review because I didnít finish it. I played five hours with the PS3 version. Disagree with me? Let me know in the comments.

Mega Man 9: Lovers and Haters

Mega Man 9Capcom has made a bold move to make Mega Man 9. Actually, Capcom making a Mega Man game period has not really been all that bold. They’ve been milking that franchise more than my local dairy sticks a vacuum tube to their cows.

Mega Man 9 will be old school. Yes, it’s going to be done like an old NES game–graphics, style, and sound. It’ll be available as a WiiWare title. No timeframe on the date or price.

The lovers: anyone over the age of 25 who played Mega Man 2 or 3.

The haters: anyone under the age of 25.

(Don’t believe me? The comments at Kotaku are priceless.)

Somehow, GamesRadar was able to score some screenshots and get a little more info such as boss descriptions.

If this is a hit expect to see tons more new, old games. Ha! I, for one, welcome it. Thanks to GameRadar for the pic.

In [Nat’s] Hands: FFVII:Crisis Core and Okami

I am torn. As hard as I try, I cannot play two games at once.

I’ve only played one Final Fantasy game all the way through. In fact, I played it to almost 100% completion. That’s not entirely true. In college, my PSOne was powered on for a single semester. It played one game the entire time: Final Fantasy VII. There were six of us who would play off the same saved game file. We did everything. Everything. It’s probably one of the fondest gaming memories I’ll ever have. Sometimes, we’ll still chat about it through email.

I’m not a big Final Fantasy fan. I’ve played the aforementioned title and I’ve played FFIX. See, it’s never really a final fantasy. They just keep making more. Actually, I’m more of a chrono-guy.

That’s my setup. Here’s my reveal.

On a whim (I allow myself two “whims” a year) I picked up FFVII: Crisis Core for the PSP. Simply put, this title is currently my PSP Game of the Year. I cannot get enough of it. It’s one of those titles that just hooks you and you never really know why. Maybe it’s the excellent story and presentation, maybe it’s the best cinematic cutscenes of any game I’ve seen, or maybe it’s all the great references to the original game? (Better yet, this game is a prequel and it still has future references).

FFVII:Crisis Core

This game has enveloped me so deep that I want Zack to be Cloud in the FFVII game. The character progression and growth is written in such a way that you don’t even realize it’s happening until you go remember back to where you started.

Now there is a fault. I hate, HATE, HATE the DMW. It’s basically a slot machine that you have no control over that interrupts combat sequences. It’ll occasionally level your character up and toss some bonuses your way. It’ll constantly break the flow of excitement during battle. Necessary? No.

If I was to rate this game, I’d give it a 10. The DMW (I keep wanting to say DMV) makes it an 8. Harsh? Yes. However, Square Enix have been making excellent games for almost 20 years. They should know better.


A week ago I picked up Okami for the Wii. Roger Ebert knows nothing when it comes to gamesómaybe even art. This game is art in motion, a moving picture worth ten thousand words, a watercolor that doesn’t fade, a…well, you get the idea. Be ready to read as well. A lot. However, it’s all excellent.

I’m only one hour in to the game and it’s been the most unique hour of gaming I’ve ever experienced. How do I describe it? You’re a goddess who has been reincarnated as a white wolf. You mist rid the land of darkness and bring it back to life. Your weapon: a brush.

Yep. You solve problems, rejuvenate nature, experience combat, and paint the town red with your trusty brush. It’s wonderful. This game was made for the Wiimote. The execs at Capcom must be prophets considering the game was made in 2006.

I’m told this game could net a person 40 hours of playtime. Excellent. This may be a game where I do it all. I really don’t have the patience for RPGs, but this may be my exception.

I just find it interesting that the only two games I’m playing right now are RPGs.

Oh, and Ikaruga.