The Carnival of Gamers heads out of town for good.

With a heavy heart, I’m here to announce that The Carnival of Gamers is retiring. As of January 1st, 2008 I’ll be taking down the Carnival Headquarters page. It will relegated to this blog post so that all the links to previous Carnivals can be preserved. If you were a former Carnival Host, here’s no need for you to change any of the links on your end, I’ll set up a simple redirect to this post so nothing will be lost.

I had high hopes for the Carnival. I think, at its peak, it was a great place to find great video game blogging. But it slowly lost steam and I didn’t have as much time to support it. I hate giving up on anything, but this is the end of the road for the Carnival. It was fun to do but was a lot of work, which took time that I now find in short supply. Three kids will do that. But I appreciate all the previous hosts and their hard work as well. If you were involved in the Carnival in any sort of way, THANK YOU.

There is still great “group blogging” going on. The Roundtable is still going strong (keep up the good work, Corvus) and the newly formed Blog Banter will carry the torch admirably. I will endeavor to contribute to both.

So I bid the Carnival farewell.

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Carnival of Gamers takes a break

You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven’t posted an announcement for the June edition of the Carnival of Gamers. I’ve lost a little steam when it comes to running the Carnival, so I decided the best thing I could do for the Carnival (and myself) could be to take a short break. Running the Carnival entails some legwork on my end and it’s been slowly falling down on the priority list. In fact, it seems that blog carnivals in general seem to be losing some steam. Perhaps they’re outliving their usefulness. Either way, it has been fun running the Carnival and I’ve enjoyed working with everyone, but for now I think it’s time the Carnival goes on a little hiatus.

That’s not to say there’s no interest. People are always contacting me, asking questions about the Carnival. Some want to participate, others want to host. So I don’t want to see it fall away completely. I think the Carnival is a great way for new bloggers to get exposure and for blog readers to find new blogs. I’ve come across quite a few good blogs over that 20+ carnivals. So it will take a break for the summer and we’ll take a look at the level of interest after that. Hopefully the break will be good for everyone involved.

I’m definitely not going to slow down here on the site itself, though. I’m pretty excited about the addition of a co-blogger and I’m getting the itch to change the look of the site, so hopefully we’ll be seeing changes very soon. Things will still be hopping around these parts.

Again, thanks to everyone that has helped out with the Carnival. It’s been a great run so far. We’ll see where it goes from here.

Carnival of Gamers #24

Damian has posted the May edition of the Carnival of Gamers. Go there now and enjoy the bloggy goodness!

The Carnival is now 3 years old (actually, the 26th of May is the actual birthday, but who’s counting?). Thanks to everyone who has made the Carnival a success. I honestly had no idea it’d last this long, and I’m glad it’s still going!

It’s never too early

To start thinking about the next edition of the Carnival of Gamers. The May Carnival is heading over to Conservathink, a conservative (if you didn’t get that from the name) blog run by Damian.

Get your submissions ready, because the Carnival is turning 3!

Carnival of Gamers #23

The 23rd edition of the Carnival of Gamers is now up at #23 April 5th, 2007: Gaming Nexus.

Make sure you check it out!