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Watching AMC’s The Walking Dead is severely hampering my ability to thoroughly enjoy Dead Rising 2. #ZombieGuilt

In My Zombie Killing Hands

There Will Be (copious amounts of) Blood.

Dead Rising 2 Incoming

Normally, I’d wait to post an “In my hands” post, but I am excited about the imminent arrival of Dead Rising 2 via Gamefly, so I thought I’d post this picture I came across sometime last year and have been saving it up for Dead Rising 2 posts ever since:

Dead Rising Megapost

We love us some Dead Rising here at Buttonmashing. At the recent Tokyo Game Show, Capcom basically positioned themselves and Dead Rising 2 as the company and game of the show. We just wanted to create this mega-post and let you know what’s been shared about the game so far.


  • The game takes place a few years after the initial outbreak.
  • You play as Chuck Greene (in another 72 hour period), a former motocross champion, who is is forced to confront the zombie horde in Fortune City (a Las Vegas wannabe).
  • He is possibly motivated by his surviving daughter and he also take part in a zombie-reality show at some point.
  • This reality show also is the basis for some multiplayer play. Think of it as American Gladiators with zombies.
  • Zombies on screen have been increased from 800 to 6,000!
  • There is no more photography (thank goodness!)
  • Weapons are crazier than ever. Think a shotgun attached to a rake, a blender placed on a head, double-edged chainsaws, and wheelchairs with all sorts of weapons attached.

Now on to the videos:

The multiplayer trailer (with an obvious nod to the Canadian developers working on the project)

Some actual multiplayer gameplay:

Shotgun rake gameplay:

Wheelchair gameplay:

Are ya’ ready for some football!?!?

Check out the chainsaws!

Source: Google?

Wheel Chair Tank

Nat and I are planning on a huge Dead Rising 2 mega-post, including screen shots, videos and previews. But this video was too good to wait. I give you the Wheel Chair Tank:

This game is going to kick so much butt.

What dies in Vegas

This is the kind of weapon crafting I can get behind: tying chainsaws to the handlebars of a motorcycle.

This game can’t get into my hands fast enough.

Update: As Nat pointed out, he already posted this yesterday. I blame being on travel (and not checking the feed) for my error, but let’s be honest: This game is going to be awesome and deserves twice the attention.

Tony, It Just Gets Better (Dead Rising 2)

There’s a new trailer out today for Dead Rising 2. Hilarity ensues.

Kotaku also has some impressions up (with screenies) and an interview with Capcom and Blue Castle Games.

Guess What’s Been Announced, Tony

..or in other words, vote for Capcom. They make your wildest dreams come true.

I’m gonna steal the text from where I got it, Colony of Gamers. These guys are cool enough to have a flickr pool of images as well.

Capcom has officially taken the wraps off of the long awaited sequel to Dead Rising.

Dead Rising 2 takes place several years after the Willamette incident, and zombie outbreaks are now taking place across the nation. This game is set in the fictional Fortune City, where you should expect to encounter a whole host of new weapons with which to take on the zombie hordes.

Developed by Canadian studio Blue Castle Games, Dead Rising 2 is slated for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC platforms.

For YOU, Tony

Can you tell what this is?

A city like Vegas? A casino? Sign me up.

One Step Closer to Dead Rising 2

It rises forth and speaks:

Rumours that the Vancouver-based outfit was working on the zombie project first emerged last year, but neither the developer nor publisher Capcom has confirmed anything on the record. But while Eurogamer was on a secret mission in Vancouver last week, we were told by a source familiar with the project that Capcom has indeed farmed out development to the Western team.

The source said: “Everyone’s really excited; the team has obviously seen the rumours and it’s been hard to keep quiet, but they can’t wait to show off the game.”