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Watching AMC’s The Walking Dead is severely hampering my ability to thoroughly enjoy Dead Rising 2. #ZombieGuilt

In My Zombie Killing Hands

There Will Be (copious amounts of) Blood.

Dead Rising 2 Incoming

Normally, I’d wait to post an “In my hands” post, but I am excited about the imminent arrival of Dead Rising 2 via Gamefly, so I thought I’d post this picture I came across sometime last year and have been saving it up for Dead Rising 2 posts ever since:

Dead Rising Megapost

We love us some Dead Rising here at Buttonmashing. At the recent Tokyo Game Show, Capcom basically positioned themselves and Dead Rising 2 as the company and game of the show. We just wanted to create this mega-post and let you know what’s been shared about the game so far.


  • The game takes place a few years after the initial outbreak.
  • You play as Chuck Greene (in another 72 hour period), a former motocross champion, who is is forced to confront the zombie horde in Fortune City (a Las Vegas wannabe).
  • He is possibly motivated by his surviving daughter and he also take part in a zombie-reality show at some point.
  • This reality show also is the basis for some multiplayer play. Think of it as American Gladiators with zombies.
  • Zombies on screen have been increased from 800 to 6,000!
  • There is no more photography (thank goodness!)
  • Weapons are crazier than ever. Think a shotgun attached to a rake, a blender placed on a head, double-edged chainsaws, and wheelchairs with all sorts of weapons attached.

Now on to the videos:

The multiplayer trailer (with an obvious nod to the Canadian developers working on the project)

Some actual multiplayer gameplay:

Shotgun rake gameplay:

Wheelchair gameplay:

Are ya’ ready for some football!?!?

Check out the chainsaws!

Source: Google?

Wheel Chair Tank

Nat and I are planning on a huge Dead Rising 2 mega-post, including screen shots, videos and previews. But this video was too good to wait. I give you the Wheel Chair Tank:

This game is going to kick so much butt.