As if It Wasn’t Painful Enough

Dead Rising:Chop Till You Drop screenie via kotaku. They have more, but it hurts my eyes.

Looks like they chopped enough to get gamers to drop it.

Tokyo Game Show Dead Rising Wii Impressions

Luke Plunkett from Kotaku was able to sit down at TGS and give Dead Rising for the Wii a good, old-fashioned try. His comments scare me.

The whole point of the first Dead Rising was that there was hundreds of zombies. Because they were slow, and stupid, and slow, it was the sheer weight of numbers that provided not only the challenge, but the enjoyment. Zombie survival fantasies don’t involve evading/killing 2 zombies, they involve evading/killing thousands of them.

You know how many zombies I saw on-screen at one time? Six. Six zombies. And that’s not in a room, or a store, that’s across the massive concourse at the start of the game. Yet they still shamble. There’s no urgency, there’s no danger. There’s no fun. To compensate, Capcom have added a few new enemies: killer poodles and killer parrots. They’re vaguely ridiculous, and do very little to make up for the lack of more shambling corpses.

Some of us were excited about using the Wii-mote to play. Well, uh…

What’s worse, the controls are woeful. To pick up a dropped item, you don’t press a button. You press the Z button and the A button. They’re on opposite sides of opposite controllers. It’s stupid. The Wii Remote aiming controls are woefully twitchy. and to switch weapons you need to us the d-pad while aiming. Meaning you can’t use the Wii Remote at that time, requiring you to aim with the nunchuk while reaching with your other hand. It’s messy. It doesnt work.

I know the game has not been released yet. It’s even been pushed back to early 2009. So, there still may be time to address the issues. I guess the craptacularness of it will make it easy for me to stick with my no violence rule a little longer.

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

Here’s something new at buttonmashing: a press release. Why is this a big deal here? 1) We like Dead Rising. 2) It’s now officially announced for North America.

It’s not really anything new we’ve already posted except the mention that it’s using the same engine as RE4 and the save function is “improved.” Here’s hoping the gameplay translates to the wiggle stick.

Press release after the jump.

I’m all set for Dead Rising 2, but this’ll suffice if priced right.

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Dead Rising Wii Changes

Here we go (with commentary):

  • A new title, Dead Rising: Zombie Sacrifice (A new name is not necessarily needed, but…)
  • Missions from Otis are no more (heck, yes! Best change yet.)
  • Linear missions (yes, good)
  • RE4 camera style (uh, I don’t think it was needed)
  • No photo mode (Thank you, although Frank is a photographer, I felt taking snapshots was bothersome—I would not do it. Forget that dang thing. Survive!)
  • New enemies, new weapons, and all sorts of new wiggles. (And it’s not DLC? Yay!)

If they sell this title for $30, it will be a must-buy. However, I still think it’s Japan only so far.

Thanks to 1up for the news. Go there for a lot more detailed info.

I’ve done Wiis, you know

It now looks like you’ll actually get to swing that sledgehammer. Capcom announced Dead Rising for the Wii in Japan.

Considering the game kinda bombed in Japan, I would not be surprised to see it in the States. I would also not be surprised to see it budget priced.

Thank you, 4cr, for keeping your eyes peeled and catching this announcement in all the E3 (non)hoopla.

Dead Rising 2 at the Tokyo Game Show?

I’ve been seeing rumors about the possibility of Capcom announcing Dead Rising 2 at the Tokyo Game Show. Of course this is contrary to what we heard earlier, but we’ll see.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Dead Rising fan. In fact, I’ve been thinking about a great idea for a crossover game from Capcom’s franchises for Dead Rising 2. Take Leon from Resident Evil 4 (another Capcom franchise), send him to investigate some undead activity on a remote island. Frank
West, the photo-journalist from Dead Rising, follows him to document the investigation. The island will naturally be crawling with zombies, looking for some brains to eat, and Frank and Leon show up ready to bash some faces. It’s a can’t miss!

Frank powers up the duo with some sweet action photography and Leon keeps them alive with some sweet stinky weed. (Come on, he heals himself with green herbs. How else could you explain it?). The combo moves would be amazing.

Actually, I would be happy if they announced an online co-op mode for Dead Rising. Meeting up with pals in the mall to impale zombies with the post hole digger would have to be the pinnacle of online gaming.

(On a side note, supposedly Dead Rising 2 is happening on an island. How Capcom say this game has no resemblance to the Dawn of the Dead? Even if it’s the 2004 remake?)

Surviving a Dead Rising

Contrary to the immortal words of Gloria Gaynor it appears that I will not, in fact, survive. More succintly, my Xbox 360 will not survive. It appears that asking it to perform its duties for longer than a few hours results in a hissy fit involving red lights:

It's hot in here!

That’s right, the red rings of death. Luckily it was only two red lights, which effectively means “I’m too hot, I’m shutting down.” In hindsight, I should have opened the doors on the entertainment center to allow for a little air circulation, but with little kids that are ever pressing green buttons, I couldn’t take my chances. So mid-way through my third day of survival, having just survived 24 hours outdoors, the 360 died, rather unceremoniously. Seven hours of Dead Rising down the drain. Son of a!

So it appears I’m once again done playing Dead Rising for the foreseeable future. I got a couple more achievements before everything died, so it wasn’t a total loss, but I didn’t accomplish the end goal. Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes on my quest. If everything had gone according to plan, I would still be playing. But it was not to be.

Since Dead Rising is no longer going to consume me, I decided to take the plunge in Everquest 2. I’m currently designing my first character. I’ll have a little blurb of my first experiences later. This is probably a mistake, as my EQ time will be immediately diminished on Tuesday when Crackdown shows up. We’ll just have to cross that bridge when we get there.

What I’m playing (this weekend)

Sure, I could be playing any number of games this weekend, but I’m doing something I promised myself I wouldn’t do — attempt the 7-Day Survivor achievement in Dead Rising. I know I poo-poohed it a few months back, but I can’t help myself. Not only am I an achievement whore, I’m a Dead Rising whore. I find myself going back to the zombie smashing more and more. So I’m going to eat crow and attempt the insane, 14-hour Dead Rising marathon.

I’ve got it all worked out. I’ve already okayed it with Mrs. buttonMasher and she’s fine with it. She understands the gravity of the situation and has agreed to help keep the kids away from the 360 (the little one is attracted to the green button) for the weekend. I’m a little nervous for the health of my 360, as I will have to play in chunks of time to achieve the ultimate goal, while my 360 is generating enough heat to warm our living room for a month. I guess I can consider this a stress test on the Xbox. If it can survive 60+ hours of non-stop running, it should be able to handle anything.

I also have a plan for sucess. I’ll immediately seek out the necessary power-up magazines to make my survival easier. I’ll get the ones that increase the potency of my food stuffs, along with the construction magazine, effectively powering up my weapon of choice, the two-by-four. Then I have plans to judiciously ration my food as I go from place to place, keeping myself safe for extended periods of time. Along the way, I plan on cleaning up some of the other achievements, like the Karate Champ (killing zombies sans-armaments), killing 10k and then 53k zombies, and hanging outdoors for 24 hours. It’s going to be an achievements clean sweep!

I don’t know if I have the dedication or fortitude to see the plan through, but if you see me on Live, drop me a message a see how am doing. I may need the moral support. Let me know what you’re playing this weekend.

Buttonmasher’s Theorem 1

Buttonmasher Theorem 1 States:

The amount of content generated by the video game blogger will be inversely proportional to the amount of good gaming said blogger is engrossed in.


1. The Buttonmasher is a video game blogger
2. The content on his blog, has decreased recently
3. He is currently playing Dead Rising for a second time through.
4. Dead Rising is considered a lot of “good gaming

Therefore, an increase in good gaming causes a decrease in blogging output.

Xbox 360 update

Too busy. No talky, no bloggy. Must smash zombies with bowling ball.

Back later, promise.