New Buttonmashing Deal: Destiny [PS4, PS3, Xbox 360]

Left 4 Dead for $15

Iíve never played Left 4 Dead. However, Valve is selling it at 50% off for $15 with the new DLC. Sign me up. Let me know how many of you guys have it so we can play.

Star Wars: TFU for $10?

Amazon’s Deal of the Day is the 360 version of Star Wars: The Force Unleased. At $10, it now fits our criteria from rent to buy. It’s a frustration that’s worth the $10–if you’re into that.

Defense Grid on XBLA? YES!

Iíve harped about this before, and itís one of the few games released earlier this year that I continue to play. Defense Grid is coming out on XBLA next week for $10. This is a must-buy.

Are you a cheapskate?

If you are, and you’re a console gamer, you need to know about this. You may have to register to access this. In a nutshell, there’s a huge list of games that will be on sale ($9.99 a pop) next week at Circuit City. If I can beat the hoarders to my local CCs, there’s a couple games I’d like to get my hands on (Baten Kaitos, F Zero, Riddick)