It’s Diablo III Eve!

Yes, unfortunately for us East-coasters, the game won’t be available until 3 AM. That probably means I won’t be playing as soon as it becomes available, but I will be setting my alarm a little earlier than normal to get a few minutes with the game before Real Life encroaches and makes me go to work. But I do plan on spending some quality time with the game come tomorrow evening.

I’d love to get a group of fellow buttonmashers together to for that first night of adventuring. I think I’ll be starting out playing the Demon Hunter. You?

They Played Diablo III…

From Yannick LeJacq at Kill Screen:

Horror is often an art of framing, so it’s hard to scare a viewer from the bird’s eye perspective of Diablo. The original did this with the flat nihilism of its atmosphere—the world was a bleak vision of black and gray, given the luminous color of life only briefly and terribly when blood was split. Killing yet another round of grotesque and bilious undead, my mind started to wander. Were these bloated and farting corpses really that evil? This was more like Shawn of the Dead than 28 Days Later. Then, I heard a noise.

I can’t wait to hear that noise.

Read the whole thing.