Let Me Know When It’s Over

While Tony will be writing about E3, I’ll be the devil’s advocate. As gamers we gut FUD all year long. For events like E3, it just goes over the top.

Bill Harris says it much better than I can.

In a sense, to me, it’s all epic fail. All I know is that Nintendo prints money and really wants to get into the controller business (for each individual game), Microsoft overprices hard drives (is it up? down? a new size? a phased out kit? wha…?), and Sony still appears to be in denial (everything else is just niche) .


Twitterers you should be following this E3

E3 08 is upon us.

And I have neither the manpower, firepower nor willpower to keep up with all the news, announcements and megatons that are sure to result from E3. That being said, I still try to stay abreast of the happenings and what-not of the event. This year, I’ll mostly be following the news via a few select Twitterers. Here are my “must follows” to get your E3 fix, if you use Twitter:

Major Nelson (of Xbox’s Major Nelson) – Because duh!
Zonk (of Massively and MMOGNation) – Because I need my MMO fix.
FalconGN (of Gaming Nexus) – Because us Ohio Boys gotta stick together.
Godfree (of Gamertag Radio) – Because between him and Major Nelson, you’ve got your Xbox 360 bases covered.
Chris Paladino (of the Gamerscore Blog) – Because, two’s company, three’s a trend?
bapenguin (of Evil Avatar and Co Optimus) – Because we all need a less corporate, more gamer take on E3.
multiplayer (of the MTV Multiplayer Blog) – Because variety is the spice of life.
N’Gai Croal (of Level Up) – Because the guy seems like a pretty cool dude and he gets all the scoops.
Chris Grant (of Joystiq) – Because I need all around coverage.
Garnett Lee (of 1UP Yours, 1UP.com) – Because I like the cut of his jib.

Phew, that’s a full time job just following these guys. Anyway, that’s how I’ll be following most of the E3 news. Am I missing anyone?

E3 musings (day 2)

A few thoughts on what I’ve seen talked about throughout the game-o-sphere:

It seems like most people’s reactions to Nintendo’s conference was a big shrug of the shoulders. Everyone seemed interested in WiiFit, but not much else. I can’t blame them. The Nintendo’s stable of games is being replenished by old stand-bys (Mario Kart, Super Mario, Metroid [so purty!]) but other than that, not a whole lot. I’m not that interested in WiiFit, personally. I see what they’re doing and I guess they should be commended for it, but I’d rather go to the actual gym and pump some iron. I’m also a bigger guy, so the thought of me getting on that balance board thingie is laughable. I’d snap that thing in two in two seconds flat.

Fracture for the 360 looks interesting.

I didn’t play the original Fallout games but I know its pedigree. Fallout 3 on the 360 has me very intrigued. bethesda

On the other hand, Fable 2 does not interest me in the least. Fool me once and all that.

Finally, I know I’m in a tiny minority here (made up of probably myself and a couple teenage girls) but I still don’t see the allure of Guitar Hero. Now even Nintendo is getting in on the GH action with the Wii. I’m still not swayed.

(Gametrailers is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites. All this media to consume!)

E3 musings (day 1)

By now you’ve hopefully read all that Microsoft had to offer up at their press conference. I can’t comment on everything that was announced (Aeropause has a good summary) but I would like to point out a couple things that me likey very much.

The Halo 3 Xbox. I’m a sucker for these kind of things, and it sure is purty.

Halo 3 Xbox 360

I was suprised that it’s not the Elite version of the system. If they’re going to fleece us over and over, at least be committed to the fleecing!

I mentioned earlier I wanted something about Resident Evil 5. A teaser is what we got. It doesn’t reveal much (and being set in Africa, I doubt I’ll be able to do a translation page like RE4) but unbridled excitement doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about this game:

There is more, almost too much. The 360 Fall lineup is outta sight. My wallet (and my family) are already cringing. It will be NCAA 2008 around here for a while, then it’s going to get thick with games. Mass Effect, Halo 3, Two Worlds. Crazy!

E3 and me

Since I don’t have the extra time or intenstinal fortitude, I’ve never covered anything in-depth, with regard to E3, here on the blog. It’s usually a week-long overload of information, with heaping spoonfuls of marketing and PR fluff and I can’t process it as fast as it comes out.

Nevertheless, I still follow as much as I can and leave the heavy lifting the big boys. As always, I have a list of titles I’m most interested in, and I follow the news to catch whatever tidbits there might be for my consumption. Here’s a short list of what I’m interested to see covered from this years E3 (keep in mind I don’t even know if anything will be mentioned, I’m just hoping):

Halo 3 (naturally)
Mercenaries 2 (please be as awesome as the original)
Sony’s new MMO-Spy game, The Agency
Mass Effect
Assassin’s Creed
Metroid Prime 3 (who needs online multiplayer? There can only be one Samus!)
Super Mario Galaxy (One of these two titles will finally push me over the edge to get a Wii. If they come out with months of each other, I’ll be in heaven)
Animal Crossing Wii (ditto)

These titles are just wishful thinking:
Dead Rising 2
Resident Evil 5

So that’s what I’m looking forward to (and probably what you’ll see linked here on the blog). What about you? What games are you most interested in? Anything not on my radar, that should be?