I like Smarties

Unfortunately, they haven’t actually made me smart.

This should come as no surprise to people that know me and my wife personally, but she’s, like, way smarter than me. She’s been kicking my butt in Brain Age and she constantly reminds me of it. I need to test my brain age again, because the ridicule and teasing is starting to hurt my feelings.


I am ashamed

Newest button-masher is here!

Mason, chilling

The newest buttonMasher, my son Mason, was born Friday morning. Dad couldn’t be prouder and can’t wait to get him a little controller in his hand.

(Update: I appreciate all the congrats I’ve received, Mason is doing great and is loving watching Dad play video games. He’s already on his way to be a great gamer)

Blogging will be light…

At least for the next few days. The buttonWife is ready to deliver the newest buttonMasher to the world any day now, so I won’t be blogging much until then. When he/she arrives I will actually have more time to blog and game since I’ll be taking a week or so off, so hopefully I’ll be able to stay on top of all the cool gaming items as the occur.

Until then!

True Love, Defined

What exactly is this nebulous true love? When your pregnant wife (7 months) goes to not one, but two Blockbusters to locate you a copy of Resident Evil 4 because you’re stuck in cubicle purgatory until 4:30. And you know if you don’t get a copy when they first go on the shelves you’ll never find one, what with Blockbuster’s new “No Late Fees” policy. So you ask her to see if she could get one of the stores to hold a copy for you. When they wouldn’t, she loaded up your two-year-old and her pregnant self and went to the store in person. Man, that’s love.

No, that’s true love.

Happy Thanksgiving

Corinne and Greta

The buttonDaughter and buttonWife want to wish all the button-mashers a happy Thanksgiving. And we gamers have lots to be thankful for this year – in addition to all the great games.

Let’s eat some turkey!