Is it Fate? Or my destiny?

I downloaded Fate a while ago, mostly because Bill at Dubious Quality was so high on it. I finally got around to installing it last night and I gave it about two hours of my time. If you haven’t heard of Fate, the long and short of it is that it plays like your average point-and-click slash ’em up. After my two hours of playing last night I thought to myself, “Meh, I’ve played this before. It didn’t offer me anything too groundbreaking or new.” Sure, I had a pet, I could fish, basically stuff I’d done in a dozen other games. I didn’t see myself playing it much more.

Then today, as I was eating lunch I realized I felt compelled to play some more Fate. I had some incomplete quests to fufill. There were townspeople counting on “McGee the Unknown” (Fate has a fame attribute that gives you titles as your fame increases). I had to go back. I thought about all the magic items for me to find, the fish to catch and the titles to earn and I wanted to play it. That’s a first. I haven’t felt this compelled to play a game since I first started playing Resident Evil 4. In fact, I think I’m going to return to Fate once I hit “Publish”. I will definitely be buying the full-version of this game. Check it out!

What I’m playing

Guild WarsGuild Wars – Guild Wars has been taking up the majority of my gaming time right now. I’m working on my main character, a Necromancer/Mesmer. I’m concentrating on Blood Magic and Curses, with Domination Magic for my Mesmer skills. I don’t think he’ll be the best build for PvP (whenever I take that on) but he’s pretty effective PvE. Been running around most of the time with my buddy who’s got a Warrior/Monk setup that seems to work really well. I’m enjoying GW immensely and look to continue the good gaming in Ascalon.

ForzaForza Motorsport – After a stint with Burnout 3 and Midnight Club 3 I decided to give Forza a try. It’s been culture shock going from the fast Burnout 3 and the arcade-y feeling MC3 to Forza. Basically, I suck at simulation racing games. I’m trying to get the feel of the game. It looks and sounds great but I’m just not used to the car actually obeying the laws of physics in my racing games.

Shot-Online – I’ve been hearing about this Golf MMORPG (Golf?!) out of Korea a bunch lately (I read about it first at Wonderland months ago) so I decided to download it and give it a try. It’s laughably translated but looks decent and it’s Golf RPG, what more do I need to say? I haven’t played a full round yet but I’m been playing with the practice options and I’m liking it so far.

Up Next:
Fate – I’ve been hearing so many good things about Fate that I decided to give it a try. It’s sitting on my hard drive right now but I’ll be getting around to it soon.