Busy Buckeyes

I’ve been super busy this week, but obviously not around these parts. I’ve been working into the wee hours of the morning over at my Ohio State blog in preparation for one of, if not the, biggest college football games this season, Ohio State vs. USC.

That’s not to say I’m neglecting my video games. Not at all. In fact, we had just put in a bunch of time with the Geometry Wars 2 multiplayer modes. Absolutely fantastic. I didn’t think Pacifism would work with more than one person, but it is a riot with three people.

So stick with me over the next couple days. I’ll still be around, my mind is just elsewhere. If you don’t follow college football and you don’t hear from me in a week, you can rest assured things didn’t go how I had hoped.

Catch me if you can!

I can’t stop laughing at this video from EA’s NCAA 09 (h/t EDSBS). I was briefly considering a purchase of this game following Bill Abner’s initial reports, but those became less enthusiastic. Then Bill Harris pretty much took the wind out of the sails. This video pretty much capsized the boat.

This is just ridiculous. Even if the CPU sliders were tweaked, this kind of behavior should never happen in a football game. Even Pee Wee football games aren’t this bad.

So now NCAA 09 is on my Gamefly Q, slowly bubbling to the top. I’m not particularly anxious to play it with so many other options at the moment. Which is a shame, because I’m a huge college football fan.

Video is embedded after the jump. (Thank you, EA, for giving us the ability to embed.)
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My prediction… *updated*

Seattle beats Pittsburgh by 4, 35-31. I’ve been wrong before.

If I was a betting man, however, I’d take Seattle and the points. It’s a good thing I’m not a betting man.

Buckeye Blogging, looking ahead.

It’s been college football all the time right now on buttonmashing.com. I’ve been watching the ESPN RSS feed to see any Vince Young news. This is the latest that’s popped up:

… Texans received word Friday from an intermediary representing Texas quarterback Vince Young that the Houston native is leaning strongly to also going pro.

I’m torn with the Vince Young turning pro saga. Part of me wants to see Young go, because the OSU vs. Texas game, in Austin, will be a lot easier without Young at the helm. The other part of me wants OSU to have the chance to even the score fair and square. In the end, I think Vince will enter the draft, go to Tennessee (like the article says) and OSU will have a great shot at the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. We’ll have to wait a little longer to see.

In other college football news, I was glad to see the people at Virginia Tech grew a pair and kicked Marcus Vick off the team. How he lasted as long as he did is beyond me. I am all for giving kids a second chance, but Vick had like four and squandered them all. I pity the NFL team that drafts him.

I’ll get back to the video games soon enough, I promise.

Update: bm.com reader Jeremiah tipped me off to a press conference for Teaas QB Vince Young. ESPN is saying:

Longhorns junior quarterback Vince Young will declare for the NFL draft at a 4 p.m. ET news conference Sunday, an official within the athletic department told The Associated Press.

Say hello to the pre-season #1 team, The Ohio State Buckeyes!

Another Update: Confirmed.