Oh Yes, Wait A Minute, Mr. Postman

I’ve taken a break working towards being the first Iron Chef in Free Realms. I was never much for games where you played as a mailman. Yes, Postal is stupid. However, being a postman (runner) in this game is a hoot.

mrpostman Dig those knee-highs.

Expect a 2MR sometime in the future. As always clicky-clicky for a larger image-y.

I don’t Get Free Realms

Ok. How is something so polished supposed to be FREE. Of course, there are micro-transaction upgrades, but uh…Here are some initial “neat” things.

  • It’s like a meld of WoW and Guild Wars—as far as the interfaces go.
  • It’s streams the data in the background.
  • You can record video and upload it to youtube.
  • It’s pretty quick and seamless. The game recognized my non-standard widescreen resolution and adjusted accordingly.
  • The mini-games are actually fun—for now. I can see it getting old.
  • The game initially holds your hand pretty well.
  • Temporary names are awesome. I don’t think we’re going see crap for names.

Here’s what I think of Sony and their offering it for FREE:

      cookI’m going to be the best cook in all the Realm

      Right now my name is Nathaniel Rainmelder. It’s my temporary name until the one I chose is approved.

      Free Realms Will Cost You

      Well, time that is. Sony’s kid-friendly and FREE MMO starts today. You can head on over and signup.

      It’s an MMO that uses a ton of mini-games and card games for…fun? I’ll at least give it a try. Now, this is a launch day. Don’t expect to play today.

      Such is the norm with any launch anymore.