Socialize with us

I’ve added a new little widget to the sidebar over there to your right. You’ll see three sections, three vectors of socialization you can have with the Buttonmashing dot com crew.

The first our little fan page on Facebook. I use Facebook fairly regularly, but I reserve it for people (with a couple exceptions) that I actually have a meat-space relationship with. This includes family, close friends and co-workers. Basically, people I’ve shared air with at one time or another. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to interact with other people on Facebook, especially you guys, so this fan page will allow for that interaction. Becoming a fan will allow us to discuss things that may not fall within the realm of the blog, but would still be interesting to chat about. For now, I just have the site feed hooked up to the Facebook page but in the future I hope to do a little more with the fan page. A contest perhaps.

The next section is the Twitter accounts of those of us writers that use Twitter. I’ve used it a little less than I normally do, but I’ve been busy during the day, which is usually my Twitter prime-time. I use Twitter more as a listening device which works for me. I’d love to hear from you outside the confines of the blog.

Finally, I’m playing around with the Google Friend Connect. If you have a Google Account (and at this point, who doesn’t) you can become a “member” of the site. This allows me to put a name with a face of you guys, which I appreciate. It’s similar to becoming a fan on Facebook, with a lot less interaction and functionality.

Sure, we’re bit behind the times with a few of these, but I’d love for you to follow us in whatever way you’re most comfortable with.

A new toy

It’s no secret that I have loved Bloglines for a long time. I’ve been a vocal supporter of the service they provide and have convinced more than a few people of the virtues of not only a feed reader, but an excellent feed reader like Bloglines.

Recently, I’ve been having issues with Bloglines. Feeds that are frequently updated were showing up with no updates, the number of updates of other feeds weren’t consitent with the site, things like that. So I decided to give Google’s feed reader, “Google Reader” a try. Now I’m torn. The more I use Google Reader, the more enamored I become with it. It may just be the effect of being “the new shiny thing,” but I’m really liking it. Both sites basically do the same thing (and do it well), but for some reason, Google’s offering seems better to me. It seems a little more streamlined, less cluttered and it has a better way to save interesting posts. Not sure which one I’ll stick with, but for now, I’m really enjoying Google’s toy.

There’s no point to this post, as I know plenty of you guys are already using Google Reader to follow Buttonmashing, but I just wanted to let everyone know I have a new love. Bloglines will always have a place in my RSS-reading heart, but Google Reader is moving in on its turf.