Happy Holidays

Whether you’re celebrating Zombie Christmas, plain old Christmas or something in between, have a nice happy couple of days off. May your stockings be full and your consoles red-ring-free.

I’m looking forward to lots of gaming with family and friends. Hope all is well with you!

Happy Holidays!

Here’s a Guild Wars wish for a Merry Wintersday. Like most people, I’ll be taking it easy, blogging-wise, for the weekend. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you button mashers out there!

Blogging will be light…

With family in town and the Thanksgiving weekend almost upon us, blogging here will be spotty at best until next week. I’m interested in seeing the reaction to the Xbox 360 launch around the gamingsphere, there won’t be much more going on here. No launch 360 for me.

I’ll be playing copious amounts of NCAA 2006 (my bro-in-law’s favorite game) and some other stuff on the side. I will hopefully be playing MKDS in the every once and a while but even that will be hard to do. I did play my first “friends” game against n0wak (the-inbetween.com). We both won two races and all four races were close. Hopefully I’ll see some of you other guys on soon!

Happy Halloween!

Guild Wars Style:

Image shamelessly stolen here. (Thanks Bushido for the cool pic)

Happy 4th of July!

Hopefully everyone in the good old US of A had a great Fourth of July! I took a little break from video games this weekend, it was rather nice. But it’s back to the old grind tomorrow (both at work and in Guild Wars).

Wouldn’t it be great if Independence Day was actually Independence Week?! Man that would be flippin’ sweet.