Split/Second Is Not A $60 Game

With some credit and Sony points I’m glad I only paid about $30 for it. However, don’t read into that wrong. It is a fun game. It is a frustrating game. Think Mario Kart Wii frustrating. I’ve not seen rubber-band AI this bad since well into the early ’90s. That was the last century mind you.

I’ve played somewhere around 10-12 races and I’ve placed only twice–these are the first two races of the game. In the last 30 seconds of the race it’s Mario Kart Wii all over again. The only power up in the game is essentially a blue shell, but it’s also a shock when five cars whip around you at the end at the last split second. This is weird because I never experienced any of this in the demo, and one of the tracks was in the demo.

The boys love it (explosions–what’s not to love?), and play with other humans is pretty fun, but it’s going to take a while for the single-player game to grow on me. I just need to approach it differently.

Everything else? Impressive.

Tonight might be a Red Dead Redemption night. I need a little redemption.

On Why I Loathe Mario Kart Wii

mariokartsummarySailing along in first place and leading by almost half a leap on the group. The finish line is in site. Maybe a game distance of 20 feet. Blue shell. Red shell. Red shell. Green. Green. Red. Red. Hello 9th place. What just happened?

Poor balancing, that’s what.

I’ve never completed Mario Kart Wii. I don’t have the patience to do so. It has the most playtime of any of our Wii games at home (over 200 hours), but it’s not a game to play for serious players. It is a fun game, but it has this wonderful knack for not rewarding skill.

I don’t mind the powerups. I do mind that there is no counters for some or even a remote chance for others. Do the powerups add any strategy to the game? Not one bit. Some people may argue that, but it’s just too random. To random for this gamer to enjoy. I’ll stick with my DS and SNES versions.

As a side note, does anyone else’s Wii put slight scratch marks around the outer edge of their games–especially ones they play a lot? We’ve gone through one Excite Truck disk and our Mario Kart copy has been giving read errors lately.