inFamous on the Cheap

If you have a PS3 and have never played inFamous, now is the time for you to jump. Amazon is selling it for their video game deal of the day for $27. Not too bad a price.

FGotY 2009 [Playstation 3]

The Playstation 3 really seemed to come into its own in 2009. Your humble host does not own a PS3, but his blog pals do. Here’s what they had fun with:

Brock – Between playing older PS2 titles on it and working through many of the great exclusives and eventually multiplatform titles, I found my PS3 becoming my go-to game console for most of 2009. InFamous and Uncharted 2 are tied for my picks for the most fun I’ve had on the PS3 this year. Both had me hooked from the first screen and were those rare games where I didn’t play anything else until I had completed the game hungry for more. I also loved Batman: AA and Assassin’s Creed 2 on the PS3, which surprised me as this was the year when I started to switch my multiplatform purchases from 360 to PS3.

Jason O – The PS3 was a late year addition to my house and I’m still kind of struggling with what kinds of games I’ll purchase for it. For the most part, cross platform titles are purchased for the 360, but in this case I actually purchased Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PS3 purely on the console exclusive “Play as the Joker” feature. While I only did this once, I never regretted Batman as a PS3 purchase despite the quirks of the platform. This game belongs on this system. All that aside, the game itself is outstanding. One of those rare games where the genre doesn’t appeal to me but I love it anyway. I typically hate stealth games, but I love the character of Batman and this game finally gets it right. I felt like Batman. The gadgets, the combat, the ease of movement in the environment were all excellent. Yeah, the endgame is a little cheesy, but the ride getting there is outstanding.

Nat – Two years ago I hated…no, loathed Sony with a passion. This year the PS3 was my platform of choice. After the 360 had red ringed for the second time I started purchasing all my cross-platform titles on it. This was a banner year with inFamous, Assassin’s Creed II, Red Faction: Guerrilla, Killzone 2, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. However, it’s Batman: Arkham Asylum that gets my pick for the most fun on this console. I was the Batman. I still pop the title in to play through some of the challenges.

Will – Sony is pretty much unwelcome in my home, as decreed by my Nintendo fangirl wife. As a result, I don’t get to do much gaming on that console. The only two 2009-released PS3 games I played were Killzone 2 and inFamous. I give my FGotY 2009 [Playstation 3] award to the latter title; I enjoyed its comic book-style storytelling and its great graphics (which is sometimes difficult to find in a sandbox title). Its only real weakness is that I never felt like a superhero (or supervillain, depending on your choices). Cole just seems so weak when I have to fire so many bolts of lightning to put the Reapers down, yet very few of their bullets will put Cole down. That is a very minor quibble for an otherwise fine game.

[20 Minute Review] inFAMOUS


No, the title is not a typo. We’ve got a 20 minute review of inFAMOUS for you.

Brock and I both played through the game, one as good and the other as evil. Our initial goal was to have a special 4 Minute Review where we each took turns writing about the game. The more and more we discussed it, the more we began to realize that almost every aspect of the game flows into the narrative somehow.

We decided to get on Skype and make a rough recording and see what we came up with. So we present a 20+ minute conversation about inFAMOUS and we give our 2MRs at the end. Realize, that this is a rough cut. The only audio post-processing I did was leveling it.

Let us know your thoughts about the game after giving it a listen (which you can do online or download).


NOTE: RSS readers may have to come to the site to listen online.

It’s A Power Trip

We finally get a trailer for inFAMOUS that rises above mediocrity. I want to play this game today. May 26 cannot come soon enough. Amazon has it available for pre-order and I’m a Prime member. I may get it from them just so I’ll have it release day, and I won’t have to go to any stores. I’ll still play the demo, but this video instills some more faith.

It will probably be the only $60 game I’ll buy all year. Well, ok, there’s Dead Rising 2 as well.

InFamous Trailer = “I’m Scared”

This is the only AAA (read:overpriced) title I’m looking forward to this year. It sort of reminds me of Crackdown. That is a Good Thing.TM