In My (Portable) Digital Hands


iOS games don’t get a lot of play here, but my #1 iOS game of all time, far and away, is Kingdom Rush. I love Tower Defense games to begin with, but throw in the setting (fantasy) with some of the best “barks” in a game (“Say hello to my little friend!” “Yippe kai-yay mother-“BEEEEP!) and you’ve got quite the charming little game. Add on top of that some seriously challenging levels, and it turns into one of the best portable games available.

Here’s to hoping Frontiers is just as good.

Tips and Tricks for Triple Town

I’m linking this, for uhm, a friend.

I can quit whenever I want.


In my hand

So I finally broke down and got an iPhone. It’s an older, used 3G iPhone that I plan to use mostly as an iPod touch, but I wanted some time with the system before I make the final plunge and get an new iPhone as my primary cell phone. But that still in the future, so for now I’m just having fun playing around with a new(ish) toy.

So please, some gaming recommendations. I’ve already got the wife and my 5 year-old hooked on Angry Birds. What’s next? I need games for myself and for the kids.

Now, You Can epic Win

Remember a while back we posted about the to-do app for iDevices called Epic Win. Touch Arcade tells us it’s out.

Sony, You Have It All Wrong

Allow me to respond to this video. (If you don’t see it in your reader, come to the site.)

I will admit this video is funny with the whole texting grandma bit. However, this video does not logically make sense. First, some disclaimers:

  • I like my PSP. I pull it out once every three months and play it.
  • I love my iPod touch. I use it every day for email, surfing, checking weather, and an occasional game.

Sony’s major argument is that you can play high-quality games for only $9.99. I can play three maybe four games on the iPod for that amount.

Second, this doesn’t make sense because there’s hardly anything there for $9.99. Let’s see, I can get GTA: Chinatown Wars for $10 on the App Store or $20 on PSN. Sure.

Certainly the argument can be made that there is a lot of trash on the App Store. I agree, but usually amongst the trash there is a gem or two. Before PSP fanboys get up in arms, I do have some PSN games on it, but I only ever bought them on sale (God of War, Savage Moon, Thexder Neo, Pixel Junk Monsters Deluxe, and a few other unimpressive titles).

The PSPgo had so much potential to be awesome, but there was nothing available for it but full-retail priced titles and a few small games. If the thing had been “opened” up like the App Store they’d be swimming in cash, but no, they had to keep a lid on it and so it’s a loss–for everyone.

This video does not work for me. Curiously, who does it work for? The few 13-30 somethings that are not socially connected and know better?