k2 0.9

I’m finally making the transition to K2 0.9, which was released last week. Things will look hairy during the transition.

This message will self-destruct in 24 18 hours (I hope)

Update: So far things have gone pretty swimmingly. The two coolest additions that I’ve made (so far) are the Sidebar Modules (which will be mostly transparent to the reader) and the Subscribe to Comments.

The SBM plug-in makes adding, editing, and removing content on the sidebar much easier, including the ability to choose which modules show up on the main page and what modules show up on individual post pages (like this one) and static pages (like the Carnival HQ).

The Subscribe to Comments plug-in is quite nifty. After commenting on a post, you can check the little “notify me” box and you’ll get an email anytime someone else comments on a post you’ve commented on. Very cool and very handy.

I should wrap up the rest of the tweaks, time permitting, before the weekend.

The new look

After poring through hundreds of themes, I ended up going with K2. It’s just got too many features to pass up. Right now I haven’t done much in the way of customizing it, but it seems pretty easy to do, so I will hopefully have some time in the near future to work on that. Also, having the “asides” feature is worth the price of admission alone (even though I can’t get them working currently). So K2 it is for the foreseeable future.

Also, I changed the feeds to contain the full text of the posts. I know a handful of people access buttonMashing with varioud feed readers, so I thought that would make it a little easier to read. I know I love feeds with full text.

Anyway, it’s late so that’s the extent of this update. More later.

Update: Got the asides working with some help from Foton. Thanks, man!