Left 4 Dead Leaves No One Behind

I know Iím late to the game, but Iíve got to say that the L4D community is one of the best around. Iíve played quite a few online random games, and every one of them has been a pure treat. I donít think I can get that with some ďotherĒ FPS-based games. Of course, the need to survive brings a lot of people together.

Weekend Gaming

I haven’t done one of these in a while, and I’m hoping for a good weekend of gaming, so now is as good as a time as any to ask: what’cha playing this weekend?

Me, I’m about five hours in to Batman: Arkham Asylum and I’m really itching to get back. I am really, REALLY enjoying Batman. Extremely engaging and addictive. It has a bit of a Metroid feel to the exploration and jumping around. What I find most compelling is that I’m not firing hot lead through a rifled barrel at the heads of the bad guys. I know that’s not Batman’s style, but having to be resourceful and creative is quite satisfying. Of course, punching out scores of bad guys is equally satisfying. I’m hoping to make more progress this weekend on Arkham Island.

If time permits, I hope to join the guys from the site for a little Left 4 Dead. If you’re playing the PC version, let us know if you’re interested in joining us for a buttomashing.com L4D night. Also, time permitting, I’d like to make a little more progress with Mass Effect and Fire Emblem: Dragon Sword on the DS. Here’s to hoping.

What’s on tap for you guys?

Left 4 Dead for $15

Iíve never played Left 4 Dead. However, Valve is selling it at 50% off for $15 with the new DLC. Sign me up. Let me know how many of you guys have it so we can play.

Recent Gaming

As I mentioned earlier, I actually have been playing games, but nothing recently. Our recent Gamefly delivery brought two games, one for me and one for the kids:

Left 4 Dead – No need for details here. There are four of you and thousands of them (Zombies). I will say, however, that while the game is okay with computer-controller teammates, I really want to experience some real-life teammates. If you see me on Live and want some to blast some zombies, let me know.

The shotgun is very satisfying. I have a need to explode some zombie heads.

Sorry!Hasbro Game Night – This is one we picked up for the kids to try out on the Wii. The kids love boardgames, but sometimes it’s nice to just have the computer handle all the details. Plus, there are no pieces the one year-old can put in his month. There are (Connect Four, Yahtzee, Boggle, Sorry, Sorry Slide, and Battleship). The older kids are still to young for Yahtzee and Boggle, and Connect Four is easily played without the Wii, but the absolutely loved playing Sorry. After they got the hang of it, they played it daily for about a week.

That is not, however, enough to deem a purchase. This is a renter at best.

Resident Evil 5 Demo – It was interesting to see the chatter (on Twitter mostly) shortly after this demo dropped. Most complained about how horribly it controlled or how slow it was or whatever. I had a similar initial impression. But as I played I realized what I needed to do. My suggestion (which took a while for me to figure out myself) was to put yourself in a Resident Evil 4 state of mind. From then on, I really enjoyed this demo.

RE5 Screen - B

Again, the co-op play has not been probed. I hope to rectify this situation, as well.

Dawn of War II Multiplayer Demo – I have been out of the RTS game for so long, this felt like reconnecting with a high school buddy on Facebook. I had a blast playing DoW II. I am not steeped in the Warhammer 40K mythos, but after playing this, I want to be. I suddenly feel a need to buy and paint little miniature metal figurines.