Extravaganza #2

Well, it’s strawberry time, which means that the buttonWife packs up the kids and heads to her parents house to help out at the strawberry patch, leaving the buttonMasher with a weekend of free time. It’s not as much time as last year, but it’s cherished alone time nonetheless.

The schedule is already filling up, with golf Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, along with yard work squeezed in there somewhere. That should still leave me with plenty of time to get my gaming on. I’m currently a little sour on EVE-Online, so I think I’ll be diving into “the Queue.” I’m about halfway through Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, so I think that will be the first on the list. I’ve got my Metroid Prime Hunters match with Brinstar, so I’ll need to get some practice in with MPH. I’ll also probably pick up the new Super Mario Brothers game for the DS.

So much gaming, so little time! Hopefully I can pull myself away from my current game obsession: Spider Solitaire.

My doom is nigh

Tonight I take on Corvus from Man Bytes Blog in the Spring Tournament of Bloggers, playing some Metroid Prime Hunters.

I AM DOOMED. I just checked my Wi-Fi stats and I’ve logged a whopping 4 minutes 59 seconds online. Whatever MPH skills I had have atrophied due to my constant playing of EVE-Online. I haven’t even unlocked any of the other hunters yet. Like I said, I AM DOOMED.

No matter, I’ll give it my best shot. But for now, I’m off to cram for my exam.

I mean seriously. How can I hope to survive against this?

Update: I’ve received a temporary reprieve, as Corvus is having technical issues. We’ll be trying again later.

Post Match Update: Well, the first match for the Tonester did not get off on a good foot. Corvus took me to school, winning big, 5-1. In my defense, I did have him up against the ropes in the beginning but blew myself up with my own missile to start off -1 – 0. He then put a beat down on me and I was humbled. We played a second game “off the record,” but I’d rather not talk about that.

GG, Corvus.

In my hands

Metroid Prime Hunters

Impressions to follow…

Update: Okay, while my DS is recharging, I’ve got a moment to comment on Hunters. I naturally started with the single player game and so far I like it. I am thoroughly impressed with the looks and sounds of the game. It definitely feels like a Prime game, complete with the scanning. That they shrunk it down to the DS’s size is quite impressive. I think I’m about quarter of the way through the first mission. I’m after some hot bounty and I’ve already had to vaporize a rival Hunter. Sorry about that, Kanden.

After finding my way back to my ship to save, I decided to give WiFi a go. I simply went with the vanilla death match and looked for some local players. I met up with “Doc” and no one else, so we went mano a mano in a struggle to the death. Actually, really just my death. He smoked me 7-0. I was sorta glad my battery was dieing so I could quit for the time being. The game was fast but it felt like we were both getting used to the controls. Maybe me a little more than him, since he did thrash me, but it looked like he was sorta fumbling, too. Just fumbling less than me. The actual game wasn’t too positive but the experience of getting started and connecting to a game were the best I’ve had with the Nintendo WiFi Connection. I hope this is the way Nintendo continues to use its WiFi service – no friend codes needed. There is, of course, a friend code, but this time it’s not as necessary.

So far, so good. I’m still trying to figure out which control scheme I like. At first I hated using the touch screen for looking/aiming/turning but I quickly got used to it (I was even using the little nub strap you get with the DS). When I played the WiFi match I tried the dual-control, which uses the buttons (ABXY) instead of the touch screen and that surprisingly felt awkward. I figured that would be the control scheme I used, but right now I’m leaning toward the touch screen. A little more playing time is in order. Right after the batteries (and my ego) have recharged.

When I do get on, I think I’m going to try and finish the first single player mission. Or maybe I’ll get in a WiFi match or two. If you’ve got the game, hit me up in the comments with your friend code. Mine is listed below:

Friend Code: