MK vs DC: First Impressions

Freaking awesome!!!

That about sums up my first impression.

I played through the DC story line and started up the MK side tonight. The story really works and the way it’s layed out is great too. The fighting mechanics are fun fun fun. The new klose kombat and free-fall kombat are a new and fresh addition. I’ll write up a more in depth review of the game after I’ve put enough time into it. For now I’m just enjoying it to the fullest.

MK vs DC: Pro Moves

You get this brand new fighting game. You play some of it to where you feel comfortable in your abilities. You have some friends come over in hopes of showing them the cool things that you’ve been able to pull off in the game. Only to have all your so called “abilities” mocked by all the cool stuff that your friend can do because of his Buttonmashing (shameless plug) skills.

Not anymore! The new mechanics of the MK vs DC game seems to make a focused effort in the separation between the two. You are able to either do a standard super move: a harpoon from Scorpion, a ice blast from Sub-Zero, a heat vision blast from Superman, or a Batarang from Batman. With the new “Pro Moves” you can do the same super move and with either a second button press, holding the button down longer, or by mashing the buttons as fast as you can, and you get an extra special attack or do more damage.

In the clip there is an example of Superman hitting the ground and staggering the opponent. When the pro move is used Superman smashes the ground twice with a bigger radius of effect on the second punch, a more prominent visual, and the opponent is launched into the air.

This new mechanic makes it obvious that taking the effort to learn how to actually do a move would be more beneficial than just randomly hitting the buttons. Hopefully giving everyone the desire to develop their skill. This isn’t a sure fire way to cancel out the buttonmashing crowd but it does give the player more options. If your into a more casual version of the game it’s there and if your looking for something deeper and are looking to get more out of each character then you have the ability to do so.