October in Review

Where does the time go? Yet another month has come and gone.

This has been Buttonmashing Dot Com‘s best month since I’ve been doing this. With the addition of new bloggers and increased activity, we had 36 posts 186 comments. Traffic increased 10% month over month. Hopefully this trend continues. I’m still working on a fairly big project, just putting the finishing touches on it. We think you’re going to like it.

Here are the top eyeball getters:

5. Dead Space [360] – First Impressions
4. October Releases
3. Halo 3 Recon
2. Fable II – Am I missing something?
1. Game Review – Dead Space [Xbox 360]

Previously, on Buttonmashing

A year ago, we were witnessing some tender moments in Halo 3.
Two years ago, I came to the sad realization that I may never get the Survivor Achievement in Dead Rising.
Three years ago it was all about Guild Wars.
Four years ago I was getting the first links to my blog. Man, what a feeling that was.

Strange, funny searches

None this month, I’m behind on my honey to-do list 🙂

November is Gamer’s Paradise. Won’t you join us?

September in Review

A month has come and gone here in Buttonmashinglandia, so let’s take a quick look at the month that was.

The most exciting news for the month was the recent addition of two new bloggers. We’re already seeing the fruits of their labors, and so far so good. We currently have a bunch of ideas simmering in the pot and hope to announce some exciting new features soon.

As far as site activity, we had 31 posts and 143 comments. I think that qualifies as the best month for comments, by a long shot. Traffic was pretty steady, almost exactly like last month. According to Google Analytics, someone visited the site with a screen resolution of 0X0. Not sure how that’s even possible. 2% of you readers hit the site using Google’s browser chrome. How is it look?

Top posts

The following posts garnered the most eyeballs in August (outside of the regulars):

5. 2 Minute Review: Too Human
4. September Releases
3. Magic Mushrooms and Tanooki Suits
2. Whether ‘Tis Nobler in the Mind to Suffer
1. Walking away from violence

Nat killed this month! 3 of the 5 tops posts where his. Which is obvious proof of my genius, what with me inviting him to join the site!

Previously, on buttonmashing

A year ago, it was Halo 3 time!
Two years ago, I formed Buttonmasher Theorem #1 after being completely engrossed in Dead Rising.
Three years ago the Wii (codename Revolution at the time) had just been announced and interwebs were abuzz!
Four years ago the sheen was beginning to come off my first impressions of Fable. Just in time for its sequel to hit the shelves!

Strange, funny searches

As always, I hand select a few searches that made me chuckle or weep. You decide!

finish endless ocean” – You’re joking, right?

cakas gigantes” – My Spanish may be rusty, but I think this person was searching for gigantic poops. Please let me be wrong.

does eve online get better?” – I get this search every month. It’s referring to the MMO EVE Online. I hope it isn’t the same person every month. The answer is NO.

my little sister does better at me in the force unleashed button mashing” – You’re among friends here, pal.

On the horizon

Lots of fun and exciting things planned for the site. That’s all I’ll say for now.

August in Review

Time for a look back at another month here at ButtonMashing HQ.

We had a somewhat of a down month of posting with 22 posts and 66 comments. Traffic for the month was down a bit from from July, but that’s to be accounted for with the reduced posting frequency and end of the summer. As usual, most people are visiting with Firefox and Windows XP. The monster monitor award goes to the guy with the 800×5000 screen resolution. How is that even possible?

Top posts

The following posts garnered the most eyeballs in August (outside of the regulars):

5. 2-Minute Review-Bully Scholarship Edition
4. Funny Game Glitches
3. Pic Lens
2. Is Too Human Any Good?
1. Customizable NCAA 09 Covers

Previously, on buttonmashing

A year ago, I was playing some Bioshock.
Two years ago, I was talking about The Ultimate DS Library. What an amazing little machine that DS is.
Three years ago I was busy on the warpath, defending games and trying to dispel myth of a correlation of Violence and Video Games. The fight continues…
Four years ago I was talking about games I own that are gathering dust. Four years later and we’re still dealing with this.

Strange, funny searches

Let’s laugh at the weird people on the internet:
video of a girl being tickled that is compatible with the psp” – You, sir, have requested something strange.

tea leaves and turnips” – Sounds like a wonderfully horrible breakfast.

penny arcade hates fatal1ty” – I was not aware of this. Do they?

leon and krauser have sex story” – Since I saw it and can’t unsee it, you have to see it, too.

Games being played

I’ve played so much lately that I should probably dedicate a separate post for that one. Stay tuned.

UCLA just upset Tennessee, so my work here is done. I should probably wrap this up and go play some games.

July in Review

Time for a look back at another month here at ButtonMashing HQ.

We had a rather prolific (at least prolific for us) month of posting with 32 posts and 112 comments. Traffic for the month was up almost 11% from June. I think it’s pretty clear that more posts mean more visitors. Most people are visiting with Firefox and Windows XP. I love how someone is surfing with 3 monitors and a total resolution of 3840×1024. You, sir, are my hero.

Top posts

The following posts garnered the most eyeballs in July (outside of the regulars):

5. Here We Go!
4. Give it up hardcore gamers
3. Funny Game Glitches
2. Finish your dinner
1. Customizable NCAA 09 Covers

Previously, on buttonmashing

A year ago, I was welcoming the newest buttonmasher into the world.
Two years ago, I was giving one of many MMO Sports games a try, Ultimate Baseball Online.
Three years ago, HOO BOY three years ago, the internet was ON FIRE because of GTA San Andreas and the dreaded Hot Coffee controversy. You heard it hear first (sorta), folks!
Four years ago I was taking my first crack at the first Halo. All in preparation for Halo 2 imminent release.

Strange, funny searches

Let’s laugh at the weird people on the internet:

fun things to do in dead rising” – You’re killing hordes of zombies with everyday objects. That’s not fun enough? You need to look for other fun things to do?!

^^hal0 3 statz.^^” – Let’s count everything wrong with this search. First, what’s with the carets? They’re not necessary. Next, the “0” in Halo. That’s just dumb. Third, statz with a Z. If I could stab you through the internet, google searcher person, I would. Finally, the period. Thank you for punctuating your non sentence with a period. That makes everything else better.

aj hawk’s girlfriend” – The poor guy has been married for over a year. Give him a break!

can you get a machine gun on animal crossing wild world” – I’m often disturbed by what people search. This is one of those times.

how do you eat in dead rising” – I’m guessing you haven’t survived long in the game if you’re searching for this.

Games being played

Nat has been on fire with a new PS3 and new 360 games while I’ve been pretty stagnant. I reached a point in GTA IV that I thought was the end, but it appears I’m mistaken, as there are other things still going on. I’ve got that, Top Spin 3 and Space Invaders Extreme on my plate.

I should probably wrap this up and go play some games.

June in Review

Back with another monthly report for the activity and happenings here at buttonmashing.com.

June was a lazy month around these parts. Nat was unplugged and I played GTA IV. Nice summer weather was enjoyed and crazy storms were weathered. We had 22 posts with 67 comments. The site also celebrated its fourth anniversary.

Top posts
The following posts garnered the most eyeballs in June (outside of the regulars):

  1. Customizable NCAA 09 Covers
  2. Easter Egg in Google Reader
  3. Why All the Love for Metal Gear Solid 4?
  4. [2 Minute Review] Trials 2:Second Edition

Previously, on buttonmashing
One year ago, among other things, we were talking about Forza 2 for the 360.
Two years ago, I was marveling at the beauty of my brand new DS Lite.
Three years ago it was all about Guild Wars. My, how time and tastes change.
And four years ago? It was Wario Ware time.

Strange Searches
As always, a small sampling of the diverse paths that led people to our humble abode:

let me show you this spreadsheet because” – oh man, don’t leave me hanging like that!
360 button mashing techniques” – you mean, other than just… mashing them?
easy way to get 5 day survivor achievement in dead rising” – There is none! There is only pain.
eve in wall-e is ticklish” – I saw Wall-E (LOVED IT) but, for the life of me, cannot think of any reason why anyone would ever need to search for this. If you’ve seen the movie, you know the answer. If you haven’t, what train of thought brought this search phrase to your mind? I NEED TO KNOW.
eve wall-e tickled” – Again, with the tickling and Wall-E!

Games being played
Not much has changed, for me at least. As I near the end of GTA IV (I think), I’m already wondering what might take its place. I also finished Super Mario Galaxy, but with only 70 stars, I still have lots of mileage left on that bad boy. My DS sits mostly unused, except for the occasional NY Times Crossword puzzle.

There you have it, another month come and gone.