FGotY 2009 [Playstation Portable]

Rounding up the Fun Portable Games of the Year for 2009 is the Sony Playstation Portable.

NatHalf-Minute Hero was the only new PSP title I purchased this year. By default it wins. However, if I had purchased some others I still think this title would have one. It was a blast to play and over and over again. The only problem? It was too short. The 30-second timer mechanic in all the games created a nervous sensation throughout. Think the timer going out in the original Super Mario Bros—only through the entire game. Sony really confused their customers this year with the release of the PSPgo. I did acquire some used games, but I purchase only one title from their online store. they’ve got to compete with retail (and themselves) if they want my to continue purchasing and playing new titles.

Brock – I’d agree with Nat. Half-Minute Hero is probably the most enjoyable new PSP game that I played this year. It’s not the only new PSP title that I played, but easily the most fun. I’d disagree that it’s too short though. [edit by Nat: Click] I’ve put in a substantial amount of time (for a game that is ostensibly broken down into 30 second chunks) and am only just beginning the 4th game mode (Knight30).