The first preorder bonus I’m considering

Heck, I didn’t even think the original Prototype was that great of a game. I have no plans of buying or playing Prototype 2. Butt after receiving an email from Gamestop, alerting me to their pre-order bonus for Prototype 2, I am seriously considering it.

I’m not a fan of different retail outlets offering bonuses for pre-ordering/purchasing a game from their establishment (Batman: Arkham City being a particularly egregious example) but since it usually doesn’t affect the gameplay in any measureable way and doesn’t prevent me from enjoying the full experience, I don’t really care. If it floats your boat, by all means, go for it.

BUT. BUTT. But, when you offer something like this, well I’ll definitely take notice:

When you offer me the Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker, well you may have just made a sale.