More of the PSPnogo

Ok, so last week’s PSN’s PSP game release list was maybe the best they’ve ever done. The all-digital handheld system was released last week. It makes sense to have a large release of games. Not big, but there were one or two good titles. You think they would follow that up with another good release of titles for the PSP only one week after the PSPnogo’s release? Hahahahahaha. 16,000 items available at launch and less than 200 are games.

What the PSPgo Means


Sony to Its Entire PSP User-base: “Screw you.”

sony-psp-go-1 Sony’s new PSPgo—a system we’ve not talked much about here—is launching next week. It’s basically an all digital version of the PSP. You can only get games for it via a download service—the overpriced, old-game Playstation Network Store.

Here is a firm list of “screw you’s” from Sony to basically anyone who breathes air:

  1. The price of the unit: $250
  2. The price of games are the same if not more on their download service when compared to the UMD versions. (We’ll come back to that.)
  3. They’ve announced today that there is no UMD conversion service for those who already own games. Want the new system? Buy the games all over again—at the same price years later. Oh, and there’s not many games available yet.

Now, let’s deconstruct this:

  1. Why buy a UMD-less system when you can get the model they sell now for $70 cheaper—sometimes with an included game?
  2. Why buy games at a premium when you can go to a retailer and get the same titles at almost two-thirds less brand new? (cheaper if you go used)
  3. Why buy a new system when your old library will not work? The crazy thing is that it’s the exact same library that should be able to play on it.

Who is the PSPgo marketed to again?

We fantasized about a memory-based PSP a while back. It’s like Sony listened to us with one ear wearing earplugs—under water.

A death knell usually comes from a third party, never from yourself. Golf clap to Sony. Golf clap all around.