Infinite Interactive Shame on You

UPDATE: I am totally done with this game. It has got some SERIOUS random balance issues. I know some people are enjoying it, and that’s great for them, but I feel like I paid $50 for a pile of frustration. There are just too many other games out there now I’d like to play and have fun while playing. I cannot unload on my Steam copy, but it looks as if I’m getting rid of the DS version.

In regards to Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, shame on you for taking almost two years to develop a game…

  • that does not solve the early game/end game overpowering problems.
  • for still using AI-favored bonus drops (I counted over four gameplay sessions and averaged it. I figured it at ~70% in the AI’s favor).
  • for not allowing said bonus drops to work in the hacked gate successions.
  • for having the ship follow the mouse (moving back to the gate after hacking is annoying).
  • for with all the mentioned problems being the only game ever that frustrates me immensely but compels me to keep playing. (I don’t normally play games that frustrate me)

Oh, and the DS version is a leap back in presentation and control. The PC version seems to have gotten the love this time around.